Shackles and showers

An early morning hike took her far past the hills surrounding the house, into the valley where the creek ran. She struggled to take off her heavy boots so she could soak in the cold mountain water, slipping her feet under the surface, stroking the mossy rocks with her toes, goose bumps rising on her skin from the chill of it.

Following the trail further north, she passed a mob of wallabies grazing by the path. They calmly watched her as she walked by, less startled than curious about her sudden appearance. Her instinct to click Skippy-like at them made her smile to herself.

“Here, Skip, tch tch tch.”

One of them tilted its head at her. She crouched down and held out her hand, just in case curiosity would trump fear. It didn’t, of course.

Her rambling walk was a circuit that led her back to the house after about two hours. She’d long before taken off her light jacket, felt the sweat running in rivulets down her back. The rain that had been promised hadn’t fallen yet. She’d have enjoyed walking in the rain.

Taking the path by the back of the house, she rounded the corner to check in on him.

His face lit up when he saw her. He rose quickly from his spot sitting up against the trunk of a large gum tree and ran the chain out towards her, jerking back when he reached its limit. He was still a good three feet from her, knew he could go no further, but he still pulled against the chain to get closer to her, bouncing on his toes.

She smiled. “How are you doing there, boy?”

He rattled his chain and growled at her.

“Still secure then?”

He pulled at the chain again and nodded, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Show me.”

He held out his hands to her so that she could check the shackles around his wrists. She took his left hand in hers, turned it over and brought his palm to her mouth. She kissed the sensitive skin gently with soft lips, snaked her tongue out to lick it quickly, barely a touch. His intake of breath was followed by a small whimper that nearly undid her.

She looked up into his eyes, they crinkled at her as the corner of his mouth turned upwards. He knew exactly how his tiny sounds impacted her, he reached instinctively for the kiss he knew she wanted.

She laughed, gave his chest a light shove. He growled softly at her.

Turning to practical matters, she checked that his shackles were still locked securely, that his wrists weren’t irritated, that the chain was still firmly attached to the stake in the ground. He touched her skin gently as she walked around him, his fingers slipping up under her top, collecting the perspiration from her back.

The rain started. Large fat droplets fell lazily from the thick sky. She looked up: The clouds were heavy overhead, but still sparse, it wouldn’t last long.

“I’m going to go shower now,” she stroked his cheek.

He nodded, leaning into her hand, realising what this meant.

Striding off towards the house, she looked back, saw him looking up at the window, figuring out which spot would give her the best view.

She smirked, started stripping off her top before she rounded the corner. The rest of her clothes landed on the floor as she walked through the house and headed towards the bathroom.

The shower offered a stunning view: A large pane of glass on the far side of the cubicle looked out over the lush green fields, the pale cloudless sky bright over the hills she had walked that morning.

When she stepped into the shower, she looked out of the huge picture window, the raindrops on the glass suspended there as if time had stopped.

Ignoring the view, she peered down into the yard. He was kneeling there on the grass, a beautiful pose, his knees wide, his hands on his thighs, his gaze fixed on her. Positioned for her pleasure.

She stopped to stare at him. They locked eyes for a long moment.

“Good boy,” she whispered.

She turned the tap, grabbed the shampoo, and stepped into the hot stream of water.


The nude photo that inspired this story will be posted on 24 July. You know that’s my birthday, right? And that I have a tradition of posting birthday nudes? Of course you do!

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  1. Just to be called “Good boy” by You would be pleasure enough, but the care You offer, the attention, just sends the message that I am your owner, I am the One you have always needed. Just beautiful.

  2. This is wonderful!

    But I’m greedy. I want more :)

    You’re so good at painting a picture with you’re words. It’s very easy to visualize. You really should write more fiction.

    1. Thank you so much, I’m working on a fiction piece (and when I say ‘working on’, I mean ‘not actually working on’)

      (I can relate to pre-coffee anything not being a good idea (even making coffee is a pre-coffee challenge… :P))


  3. Yum. So evocative. I love how you capture the intensity of the connection, the wanting, aching, that’s at the heart of what it is that we do when you strip back all the trimmings.

  4. Hey it’s the 24th here, and you live in the future, so where’s the damn nudey pics! I can’t believe I got up early for just for this! (I didn’t :) )

  5. Dear Ferns,

    Happy birthday!!!

    What a wonderful story.

    From the start I was captivated by her journey into the woods and I laughed when she spoke Skippy to the kangaroo. Just the sort of thing I’d do. Her attempt to bring the kangaroo to her made me warm to her.

    I was quite content to carry on reading this as a vanilla piece and when the dog ran to her so joyfully, I still thought it might have been. I liked the way you kept us in suspense as to whether it was dog or man and what followed was both sweet and hotly sexy.

    I loved the energy between the two of them, could feel it like a palpable thing. Such loving dominance and submission between them from the author who brought us Happy Femdom Stories.

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Happy birthday once more, dear lady, and thank you for the gift of your writing.


  6. Simply an amazing piece of erotica. For some reason I don’t quite understand, it was hotter than anything I have read in a very long time. And that includes quite a lot of well-written erotica covering all of my favorite kinks (suddenly a lot of those kinks seem strangely irrelevant). Probably the appeal of the story has to do with all the things hiding under the surface, just as in Hemingways’s famous iceberg style. Happy birthday by the way.


  7. Great story, my daughter’s birthday is today also. You are a very talented writer and your stories are sexually enticing.

    1. Well happy birthday to your daughter, and thank you for the compliment (though the juxtaposition of those two sentences is somewhat unsettling).


  8. OMG that is so f***ing hot
    Your fiction always has the effect of making me want to live in THAT world you create.
    It’s more satisfying, more logical than the normal world. I think being chained for your amusement would be so much better than the daily real world routine.

    Nice that you check his wrists aren’t chafing. Wouldn’t want the poor boy to suffer any irritation would we?

    1. Thank you (though I only have about 4 fiction pieces on my blog, soooo… :P).

      And no, no irritation: I like to make sure my property remains in one piece until I take him apart myself.


  9. Ferns: I like to make sure my property remains in one piece until I take him apart myself.
    Anon: **swoons**
    Anon: Hang on, men can swoon???

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