Come home

My last submissive was long distance.

Our alternative for ‘I miss you’, which we said with increasing frequency and heart-aching sadness as time went on, was a whispered “When are you coming home?”

“When are you coming home?”
“Soon, baby, I’ll be home soon.”

I can’t quite remember if it came from this song which I adore, and which I had never heard before he sent it to me.

But today I listened to this and smiled. It reminded me of him, but it’s not for him any more. It’s for the beautiful submissive man I haven’t found yet.

“I’ve been alone far too long
When are you coming home, my love?”

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  1. You have such a way of speaking directly to the heart. Thank you for sharing, and opening mine. One day her will come home, I know it, although you won’t until much later. ;)

      1. I suspect that when he does, you won’t recognize it until quite some time later.

        I’m rooting for you, you deserve your happy ending – and you will!


  2. This made me get mushy.

    I sometimes do daft sappy things like, last night I put the sheets on the bed I bought on our last visit (as the rental sheets were way too warm).

    Silly, but it makes me feel close.

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