A day in pictures

Went here and did this for about 2 hours:

Rope course
High ropes course

Looked a lot like this:

Section of rope course
Section of ropes course

Then I petted this little guy:

Adorable joey
Adorable joey

While mini-Spiderman tackled grandad (show off!):

Little Spiderman dude with grandad 'roo
Little Spiderman dude with grandad ‘roo

Did not pet these fellows:


Nor these:

Koalas doing what koalas do
Koalas doing what koalas do

Had a drink here afterwards:

Drinks by the beach
Drinks by the beach

A good day.

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    1. The joey was sooo cute! I actually thought I’d be all ‘eh, wallabies, kangaroos, whatever’, but I so wasn’t. I was like a tourist (mostly because quite a few of them had babies… d’awww).

      Though to clarify, this was a wallaby joey, not a kangaroo. You can see the difference in the mini-Spiderman photo: the red ones are kangaroos (they are much bigger), the grey one is a wallaby.


  1. That day looks like it’s the best! I’m going to try to find a rope course around here. It looks like a blast. Maybe I’ll go to a zoo too. Probably won’t have koalas, but whatevs.

    1. It was really fun, and challenging which I love *smile*.

      I bought an annual pass so I can go there as a regular gym workout alternative.


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