You’re Doin’ It Wrong…!!

YDIW in BDSMers… can be treated and cured through the application of “NO ONE GIVES A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK, ASSHOLE.” It should be applied liberally whenever YDIW flares up.

—Dan Savage

See also “You iz doin’ it wrong

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    1. *laugh* I had reason to send that to a friend who was letting idiotic strangers on the internet make her feel bad.

      It makes me laugh every time I read it.


      1. Pish-posh.
        There is no way that Mistress Ferns, as an example can possibly know how to brat correctly. Being a meanie female Domme such considerations don’t enter your purview.

        I suppose you might be right about how you always do it correctly when talking about things like submission for male subs and canes and anal play and such. Unimportant things like that ;)

        1. “There is no way that Mistress Ferns, as an example can possibly know how to brat correctly.”

          *laugh* You don’t think so? Oh, at least some part of me is the perfect Domme-brat.


  1. And now, “The Ferns” sees me.
    I took this pic the very first time that I was testing my webcam. Even though its sloppy, people tell me I look mischievous so I keep it.

    1. *waves* Hello Clarence-brat!!

      Thank you for the peek… You don’t look so bratty…you look sweet and ready to do exactly as you’re told. *pat pat*


      1. *Squirms happily*

        Ok, I admit a weakness for being patted. It has happened rarely in my life.

        I suppose it might be possible to behave sometimes.

        1. *smile* Well, you can come by for pats anytime.

          “I suppose it might be possible to behave sometimes.”

          Of course! I never doubted it.


  2. I really want to say how much I dislike Dan Savage, but I feel that that kind of negativity isn’t warranted in a comment on your blog.

    So instead, I’ll just say that *this time*, Dan Savage is right.

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