I hover with my face just above his, I can’t trust myself to touch him in the moment because I want to crash into and through him with teeth and bone and blood and the hardness of clashing steel. And even though I am soft, really, all tender and smooth flesh that gives and bends, I am afraid that I will really hurt him.

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Post-meeting update

I want to write a lot in the calm after meeting bambi yesterday (calm because it is the morning of the next day, and he is still in bed (in the spare bedroom, to clarify…)), but my thoughts are all scattered. Good-scattered though, all snippets of lovely things that I am not able to grab a firm hold of just yet.


  • There is a really strong attraction between us, which was my biggest ‘if’
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I want to post something brimming with enthusiasm and excitement, but I am so very aware of how my last meeting turned out that I am hesitant to bring you along just in case there is disappointment coming.

On the other hand… if I must suffer, then SO MUST YOU, so here goes!!! *laugh*

Bambi arrives tomorrow!! I AM SO EXCITED!


He is at the airport getting ready to board his plane as I … Continue Reading

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