How to get a Domme to shut up…

[Snippet of an IM conversation with a lovely flirty boy who lives nowhere near me… I am sensibly and tediously talking about the difference between remote connection and real life…]

Him: You wouldn’t like to know what I feel like?

Me: You forget that I have experience with this… of meeting someone and ‘it’ was just not there, though remotely it very much seemed like it was. Chemistry is indefinable, so my point … Continue Reading

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Male submissive’s sexual power

I answered a three part question on Fetlife about the sexual power of male submissives.

Does he have any sexual power? Should he?

Oh fuck yes!

Is what he has granted to him by his dominant?

[WTF?!] No, he has it because that’s part of who he is, and he brings it to me, all the smouldering, passionate, scorching-hot, barely-contained sexual power. He has it whether I ever met him or not.

Some of the … Continue Reading

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The agreement is clearly laid out:

  • He will get on cam and do half an hour of yoga.
  • He will do it shirtless.
  • We will not speak beforehand.
  • I will initiate the call at the agreed time.
  • He will turn the webcam on, I will verify by IM that I can see, and he will begin.
  • He is to pretend I am not watching. No mugging for the cam, no sly smiles, no showing off.
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QnA with readers

Question whoredom!

Okay, some of them aren’t questions, they are just sweetness. Thank you for it.

If you want to ask me a question, leave me a random message, or see what has been asked already, just go to my Ask me! page and make a big mess!

In the meantime, here’s the QnA roundup for those who haven’t been keeping track…

God, you’re lovely.

*smile* This made me laugh out loud with pure … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXIII

Hello lovely-boy-who-sends-me-his-impossible-beauty,

Photos like that make me talk to myself.

I am mostly incoherent.

Even to myself.

The veins in your arm are a nice touch. Did you put them there just for me? Thank you.

Also, oh my fucking god.


Ferns… Continue Reading

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On kissing you

It is gentle, this image I have of kissing you, soft and exploratory.

Maybe because you are so naively greedy, offering yourself with no real clue what you are putting on the table. You think you can give it because you don’t know any better.

It would be tender… a slow approach, watching your reaction, seeing the longing, the yearning, the guileless reaching. It is heartbreaking, really, the innocence of it, the trust. And oh … Continue Reading

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Pimp me out

On my ‘About me‘ page, I show off my ‘Top 100 Best Sex Blogger’ badges from 2010 and 2011 because I am all about the ego, you know.

Let’s see if I can make it to the top 100 in 2012 shall we?

If you want to help, put on your best pimp hat and pop over to Between My Sheets and make up something nice to say about me in the comments. … Continue Reading

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