On drinking…

I don’t generally drink much: I am kind of a lightweight with the drinking.

However, I am cleaning up this place that I have been staying in for about 12 days, and there are five empty wine bottles in the corner. In addition to this domestic drinkery, most nights I have gone to e’s place where we have a few drinks, then we go out, maybe to dinner, maybe to a bar, and… yes, you guessed it… have a drink… or two, maybe three.

He sent me a text just now:

“We drank two bottles of wine last night.”

Tonight, we will have some wine over the fabulous dinner that he is cooking, then we will go to a cocktail bar.

I’m not worried, really.



I’m going out, I’m gonna drink myself to death…

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  1. Five wine bottles in twelve days–you call that drinking? C’mon, that’s drinking for a long-married couple. Two bottles in one night for two people who’ve just met? Too busy for proper drinking, sounds like.

    Glad to hear you and e are getting along fine.

    1. *laugh* I expect many more reassurances and pooh-poohing from *proper* drinkers.

      “You call that drinking?! Pfffttt…”

      I’ll take it, and contemplate it over a wine, or two…


  2. The last time my ex and I drank two bottles of wine in one night was when we had already killed a case of beer and smoked the last of the pot. But that’s ok… you got off to a good start.

  3. I don’t agree. I think that it is fine to be too busy for proper drinking.

    I think that the trouble now is that they make stoppers that you can’t put back on the bottle. You need to put the stopper back on the bottle. Save a bit for another day. It’s a great trick if you can do it.


  4. Grumbles. Looks like I have yet another brilliant post in moderation..probably because I put in a link. Mistress, you should PUNISH your naughty blogging software!

    1. I found the comment (and yes, the software *is* naughty sometimes), but I don’t understand the relevance of your commnent to this post… or are you you just showcasing your opinion on random other stuff?!


  5. Yep.
    Showboat..er, showCASING my opinion on other stuff, however the other stuff being sort of BDSM/sex themed in a larger political context.

    Alas, I’m afraid my opinion didn’t have you down on your knees weak with intellectual adulation.

    Curses, foiled again ;)


        1. “If you want me to go, I will.”

          What?! Are you being silly with me? You so are!

          Oh, you mean go and put on the tin foil hat and tie? Yes!! That would be awesome!


  6. Sorry, Mistress Ferns.
    Maybe I was a bit defensive, but I like to think you usually laugh or smile at what I say and once in awhile,if I say or link to something thoughtful, maybe you think about something I said or linked to. I thought you were accusing me of making your blog about me, and that is not my intent, so even though it would make me sad, if you wanted me to go I would.

    1. “I thought you were accusing me of making your blog about me…”

      No Clarence dear…

      My comment highlighted that the likelihood of me responding to comments that have nothing to do with what I am blogging about are just about nil (just to set expectations).

      I was also joking about how ‘throwing random fabulous (or non-fabulous!) thoughts into the void’ is what blogs are for (ref: me), so it is the perfect vehicle for completely self indulgent rambling (ref: me) and if you wanted to showcase/showboat/showoff/show the inside of your brain, then having your own blog is just logical (ref: me). Self-deprecating humour, plus, an actual point! Go me!

      In short, I like having you here, and I was not trying to tell you to go away.


      So there we are.


  7. *snuggles under your hand*
    I don’t hardly ever drink Mistress -less than once a year on average – my dad had a problem with it.

    But thanks for the lovely pats. I’m practically purring and they aren’t even ‘real’. I wish I could make you feel better about your trip -though it seemed far from a disaster you are still disappointed. Anyway, I’ll stop pestering your blog for a day or two but feel free to drop me note if you ever want to, and also take your time with your feelings.

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