My sent emails XXIX

** I received the incoming email that solicted this response on CollarMe, where the sender’s profile picture is automatically included with any email they send. This sender’s profile picture was of his arsehole pointed at the camera (eeeuuww!).


Hello subboywhoever,

Thank you for your email and I do hate to be negative, but receiving your arse in my inbox does not endear you to me. I don’t know you, WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME … Continue Reading

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Continuing the day – part II

the day continues…

You are reading the paper, I am sitting with legs around you, writing and half listening to you tell me about what is going on in the world.

I tell you to go get moisturiser and you hurry off and back. I offer my hands first, and you start there with a hand massage, I tell you not to linger, I’m hungry, so you will pick up the pace and rub … Continue Reading

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2011 roundup

This word cloud shows a glimpse of the tenor of this blog… I want a lot and maybe get it sometimes, and maybe I just like and need some fucking, and it’s like, never enough… or something…


Word Cloud


I like very much how it puts random words together:

“scenario without reason”

“licking yes”

“disappear already”

“weakness getting men”

“slap fear blindingly”

“affectionate hurt”

I need to write more about kissing, obviously.

Happy new year, … Continue Reading

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