Strip, boy

As soon as the door closes behind us, I am on you.

I shove you back against the wall, grab a fistful of your hair, jerk your head back, then sideways. Your eyes widen, you try not to resist. Your head smashes against the wood as I push myself up against you, my mouth on yours. I open my mouth, forcing your lips apart, I suck your breath, your arms automatically go around my waist … Continue Reading

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Survey: Results part V

More comments from the survey… If you think I might be close to the end, I’m not! I just hope my roman numerology can keep up…

Why do you read my blog?

Straight male submissive, 36-45

I love wit. Our world is bland and literal. You make me think and laugh with your wit. Plus the intensity, I can hear the panting (you rarely hear that), but it’s hard to tell whether it was you

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Mad skillz

I’m sure that quite a few of you have the impression that I am full of the mad dommely skillz.

I’m not.

Technically speaking, I am really rubbish.

You know why?

I don’t care. Seriously.

If I hit a boy with stuff, or bite him, or scratch him, or fuck him, or otherwise play with him, I don’t care if I am elegant, if the strikes are beautiful or if I look fabulous doing it. … Continue Reading

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Little boy

I need a man who can let me access the little boy inside. There is something terribly appealing, something precious about that wide-eyed inner child.

It has nothing to do with age play or infantilism, it has nothing to do with being maternal or a mommy figure.

It has to do with innocence and imagination and a sense of wonder. There is a quality in the men I like where they can open up and … Continue Reading

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Survey: Results part IV

More comments from the survey…

Why do you read my blog?

Straight male submissive, 18-35

well, the subject matter is interesting of course, but mostly i am impressed with your honesty and writing ability. there is something so great about writing that comes from passion, it has a beauty to it that can’t be faked. so, i read it as a submissive and i read it as a lover of good prose.

*smile* Thank you… … Continue Reading

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No looking back

“I’m not going to look back, ok?”

I pull him a little closer, leaning into him, “Ok baby.”

“I can’t.”

I nod, “It’s ok, I understand.”

More kissing, a desperate clinging, touching, petting, a terrible reluctance.

“Who do you belong to, baby?”

“I belong to you, Ma’am,” he whispers in my ear.

I nod again, kisses, an inhalation of final tenderness, and underneath a yawning emptiness, a rising bitterness in my mouth already.

I finally … Continue Reading

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‘Topping from the bottom’ is bollocks!

‘Topping from the bottom’ (TFTB – yes, truly, I am that much of an acronym geek!) is a term used to describe a situation where a submissive attempts to control the play, the dynamic or the relationship from their submissive position.

It’s a common phrase that has been, and continues to be, abused by all and sundry. It has essentially become a term to cover anything and everything that falls under the umbrella of ‘the … Continue Reading

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