I have a unique name. When I self-google (oh, come on! Like you never!), all of the entries that come up are me.

I discovered today that there is a woman with my name living here in my rather small city and she goes to the same doctor’s office as me!! It has kind of blown my mind! How do I know this, you may well ask?!

I went to the doctor today. It’s a busy practice and I don’t really care who I see, so the doctor that I met with doesn’t know me. He looks at my belly, looks at his records, back to my belly and says “Oh… I have it on record here that you are still pregnant…”

Me: ??!

Him: When did you have the baby?

Me: ???!!!!

Him: Errmmm… you *are* Ferns Fullname, aren’t you?

Me: Yes… but I’m not pregnant and have not been pregnant…

**shows me the record so I can check the name**

Me: Errmmm… ok, yes, that’s me, but you spelt my first name wrong

[I have NEVER run across anyone EVER who has the same name as me, so it did not cross my mind that it was my doppelganger!]

Him: But you’re not pregnant?

Me: No!!

Turns out it’s NOT me! Much hilarity (set to Benny Hill theme music) ensues.

Anyway, I’m not pregnant, just thought I’d let you know.

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  1. Britni: “I would have been like… oh, HELL no!”

    *laugh* I know!! It was very funny, and so weird!

    I would have love to have a photo of the expression on my face… I imagine it would have been hilarious!


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