Cows and kink

Scene: A weird conversation at work about cows… (don’t ask… really!)

Boy geek #1: Can you milk beef cows?

Me:               *outraged look* Oh, come on now!! That’s just *wrong*!!

Boy geek #2: *cheeky grin* You just think it’s kinky!

Me:               *laugh* Yeah, I totally do!

Boy geek #2: *laugh* I knew it!

Boy geek #1: …?


Loves: 2
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  1. I hope you were appropriately dressed before barging in here with your sexy talk!

    Oooh! Is it still considered “furry” play when you're wearing nylon?

  2. slapshot: “If I was going to be slaughtered, I would hope that they would at least milk me first.”

    You people are sick… SICK I tell you!!!


  3. Tom Allen: “Oooh! Is it still considered “furry” play when you're wearing nylon?”

    Shaved furries are the filthiest of the furries… so really, nylon is the zenith for advanced furry play…


  4. Brids: “That pretty much sums up my thoughts…”

    I blame Boy geek #1 for the entire 'cows and kink' theme… he's just pretending innocence… cheeky little buggar!


  5. Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

  6. Anonymous: “…this post helped me alot in my college assignement.”

    “Compare and contrast dairy cow milking and beef cow milking and their relative relationship to abnormal psychosexual behaviour.”

    Glad to help.


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