Broken wing

We are going out, he grabs my coat and holds it open for me.

“Broken wing first!”, he blurts out quickly before I have even moved.

I look at him, “Which is it?”

He smiles, knows I am not kidding, I am hopeless. He nods at my right arm and holds the sleeve coat forward so that I can slip my hurt arm into it first.

I wince when I move it, which makes him cringe.

“Careful Ma’am!”, he admonishes me. He eases the coat up over my shoulder and I slip my other arm into it.

We head for the door.


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  1. slapshot: “So … How did you hurt yourself?”

    Oh, you are sweet! I am not sure… apparently it is some kind of rotator cuff injury. I don't recall actually 'hurting' it, but it has been sore now for a couple of months, and getting worse recently. I have been doing my best to ignore it (yes, yes, I am terrible!) because it doesn't hurt when I am not *doing* anything and I assumed it would get better.


  2. Oh I really hope you get better soon.

    But if it's really an irritated tendon that's been acting up for months you'll probably need a splint for it to heal. (Beside the fact that you should see a doc, but I guess there's been a lot of people telling you that *g) Here you can buy thoses easy on velcro splints in a pharmacy, don't know about the US.

    And no, you're not hopeless…I even forget which knee I hurt years ago, even though the tendon will jump out and hurt every so often.
    Good to know that your boy is there to make sure you take care of yourself.

    Best wishes to you and my compliments for your boy (once again ;).

    ~ Chí

  3. miladymao: “Oh I really hope you get better soon.”

    Thank you, I did go to the doctor today, got some anti-inflammatories, and will get a scan done next week. She suspects some tendon tear, so we will see… ugh!

    “Best wishes to you and my compliments for your boy (once again ;).”

    Thank you (once again!) *smile*


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