He wears…

  1. My collar, leather and steel, engraved with my claim on him as my property. There is a ritual in putting it on and taking it off. He kneels and asks me if he may put it on. I say yes (of course, I say yes!). It is locked around his neck with a small padlock. He must ask, also, if he needs to take it off. It is beautiful on him.

  1. A leather bracelet with my initial on it, a sort of charm. He wears it always.

  1. A red yarn around his wrist, it is historical, since forever it seems, he has worn something at my behest, before I owned him, before we knew what this was, he has worn a yarn for me.

  1. A red yarn around my cock, he has worn it as long as the one around his wrist, it is my cock, it just happens to be attached to him, attached to that body, which is mine also… he keeps it safe for me.

  1. Whatever underwear I tell him to wear each day, mostly boxers, black or grey, and sometimes panties, mine, lacy and sweet.

  1. Whatever I tell him to wear to bed, mostly my collar and nothing else, I like him naked, but sometimes, sometimes, when he needs to feel secure and warm and swathed, I have him wear boxers and t-shirt.

  1. Writing on his body, it is almost a fetish for me and it is rare now that I let him go out into the world without my marks on him… maybe kisses on his hip, my initials over his heart (mine), my name on my cock, messages reminding him of his place (‘owned property’, ‘beautiful boy’…).

I don’t want him to forget for one second that he is mine.

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  1. I absolutely love the way you have describing these things. It all comes across both powerful and casual, important yet natural. And “when he needs to feel secure and warm and swathed” is just a touching sentiment, beyond words :-)

  2. C.S. Blogger: “I absolutely love the way you have describing these things.”

    Thank you for your kind words, they did put a smile on my face.

    I wrote that one quickly last night when I was thinking about giving my boy sleep instructions, a nightly ritual that starts with me saying, “Sleep, baby, sleep…”

    And he always replies, “Oh, sleep, Ma'am, sleep!” as if he is surprised it is coming.

    Just the thought of it is enough to make me smile. Sometimes we are sickeningly cute with ourselves.


  3. slapshot: “I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to be cared for as you do for your boy.”

    That is so lovely thank you. I do hope you get to feel that also.


  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!

    I'm going to borrow the writing on his body idea. I want my boy to know that he is owned every second of every day.

    Awesome blog!

  5. Allie: “LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!”

    I'm glad you stopped by to let me know, thank you!

    “I'm going to borrow the writing on his body idea. I want my boy to know that he is owned every second of every day.”

    It is absolutely great for that. I also use it if he needs a boost (for example, if he is doing something that makes him nervous, I might have him write “courage” on himself). I get him to use permanent markers (such false advertising, they are SO not permanent!), but also really cheap long stay lipsticks – if you find a good (bad!) one, it's almost like a glue and will last for ages.


  6. Yup, the perfect woman exists… and it’s you! This post oozes of power and it’s incredibly sexy.

    Any boy that gets to be yours is incredibly lucky.

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