Kissing noises

You make kissing noises at me, from the side there, not really looking at me. I smile and watch your mouth, your lips pressing together, pursing, then opening slightly, you are trying not to smile back at me, your face deliberately and cutely serious, the gentle sucking noise soft and moist and enticing.

“Are you making kissing noises at me?”

You smirk, “Of course, Ma’am!”

I laugh and grab the back of your head and pull your mouth to me, you open immediately, and I feel you become soft and pliant, while your body gets hard and desperate, like a switch has been flicked. You moan softly into my mouth, straight into me, I swallow it and reach for more.

I lean back a little and you follow me with your mouth, reluctant to lose contact, seeking, chasing, leading with your lips, your tongue reaching for me, we are locked at the mouth. I pull back further until you can’t reach me anymore without stepping forward, you reluctantly let me go, we look at each other, you are waiting, chest heaving, mouth slightly open, you lick your lips, your eyes on mine, I watch your tongue snake out and lap at your lips, your unconscious tease making me tense, I feel the corner of my mouth curl up at you, I see the question in your eyes.

I wrap my hand around your throat, you close your eyes briefly as I squeeze a little. I lean forward to get closer to your mouth and you throw yourself suddenly against the hand around your throat to get at me, I hold firm, trying not to step back under the force of your assault, you choke yourself against me, your mouth open, a guttural sound coming out of your restricted windpipe, I lean my mouth closer to yours, but still not within reach, and you redouble your efforts, gagging yourself and struggling to breathe with my fingers tight around your neck.

The sounds coming from your constricted throat are loud in the room, like a wounded animal caught in a trap, desperately trying to breath, but still you shove yourself against me, I have to use all of my strength, concentrated on my hand around your throat, to hold you back, you don’t ease up, your face reddening, the veins in your neck throbbing and pumping, you strangle yourself to get at me.

I ease the pressure against your neck and your mouth is suddenly and desperately on mine again, I am rabid now and with teeth clashing and your soft lips between, I attack your mouth, sucking up the breath you have worked so hard to get, clashing against you, denying you, still, the air you need and you struggle between the gasping and this thing which is no longer really kissing except in the remotest sense with mouths and tongues and teeth and lips.

When I pull away again, I can see the determination in your eyes and feel you press against my fingers, ready to be strangled, wanting it, in the split second before I shake my head slightly, tighten my grip around your throat and shove you back, hard, you are taken by surprise, off balance, and one, two steps backwards, you fall back against the bed, sprawled there, you look up at me, sucking in air in huge heaving gasps. I take a step towards you.

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  1. Lovely :) I got all bouncy and horny and giggly while reading this, because my Dom likes to make me strangle myself too, and I love it. Lucky boy! :)
    I find that there is, as you wrote, some switch in my brain that seems to turn it off and render breathing and the like less important than reaching Him during that moment. I think you captured that really well, how one willingly gives up breathing just for a kiss. It's … just kind of wow. I don't understand it myself but hey :D those moments are simply different.

    Oh yeah, and: “gagging yourself and struggling to breath with my fingers tight around your neck” you forgot an e there :) just thought you might want to know.

  2. N: “I got all bouncy and horny and giggly while reading this…”

    Bouncy and horny and giggly is just lovely.

    “I think you captured that really well, how one willingly gives up breathing just for a kiss. It's … just kind of wow.”

    It is absolutely 'wow' from the other side also, incredibly desperate and amazing and hot! It kind of blows my mind – I am so glad you could relate to it from your experience.

    “…you forgot an e there :) just thought you might want to know.”

    Oops – thank you so much, I will address it right now. Editorial credit to N!


  3. Oh my Goddess. Giggly, bouncy and horny? Yes, that would be me as well, N!

    My Queen sent me this post and it is a perfect description of Us. Her hand on my throat making me reach for kisses just turns me to mush. *swoons*

  4. The thought of blacking out while trying to kiss you is quite fun. What would you do when I’m blacked out? What kind of predicament would I wake up to? Giving up the control sounds like fun!

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