He is still tied down, glazed, high and head-spun… I bring the glass to his lips and tip the water into his mouth, his throat undulating as he swallows.

“Do you want some more?” I whisper.

He looks up at me, all trust and soul and broken beauty.

He nods. “Yes Ma’am.”

I take a sip and lean down to him, touch my lips to his. He reaches up to kiss me, I open my mouth and let the cool water flow into him.

He utters a little cry. “Oh,” that turns into a moan of pleasure when he realises that I am feeding him from my mouth. He opens up to me.

I feel his whole body reacting to this intimacy, trying to lift off the bed to get closer to me. He swallows greedily, sucking at my mouth for more moisture, to prolong the contact. I pull away when he has it all.

“More?” I ask.

He nods eagerly, his eyes on my lips. “Please…”

I take another sip. He watches me approach and opens his mouth.

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  1. well honestly your comments provoked me to go for sex with my girlfriend…believe me its true!

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  2. Hello Fern,

    i don’t know if you remember me, we had a brief exchange on another site yesterday (lookingaround).

    i felt compelled to read more of Your Chronicles so i could tell You how they make me feel.

    “More?” There is a tenderness, a mercy that you bring to the boy in need of water. How You choose to sip first and then give back is so erotic. A true moment of gentleness for catch ones breath.

    i felt my own breathing become uneven just reading the passage.

  3. lookingaround: Yes, of course I remember you.

    “…There is a tenderness, a mercy that you bring to the boy in need… A true moment of gentleness for catch ones breath.”

    I love hearing what readers think, and how they see my writing, or react to it, thank you so much for that.

    And yes, it was a lovely tender moment, and the motivation for writing about it was his ‘Oh’ of surprise and his reaction to it. Those moments are the ones that often hold the most power.


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