It burns…

I fuck against you and the damage I have done to you makes you flinch, even as you thrust your hips up to get more, and you whisper to me in that porn-voice, breathlessly moaning, ‘…it burns… it burns…’, which I love, which makes me rabid, makes me want to tear you apart. I go for your mouth, of course, which I own, which is right there, half open and inviting me and I hold your head and take your mouth with violence and I feel you reaching up for me even as I sink my teeth into your lips and try to eat your tongue. And this is no sweet kissing, no mercy here and I can’t get enough of you and I want to shove myself into you by force, through your skin, which I want to strip off you so I can get underneath it and touch you from the inside.

And I fuck harder against you, a rhythmic motion and you know you are not to come and you try not to thrust back against me, but you do, you do and my mouth is on you and you finally whisper, ‘…please… I’m going to come… please…’ and I lift off you and you raise your hips to stay with me, which is so desperately hot and you pant into my mouth, making that humming sound that I love, getting control. I look down and see blood, your cock, my cock, has bled on me, my cock is bleeding and raw and bruised and hurt.

‘Oh baby, you’re bleeding…’, I say, unnecessarily. I reach for the antiseptic and watch your face. We both know it burns.

Love: 1
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  1. Reading posts like this i don’t know whether to feel envy or sympathy for your boy (but i imagine that’s what you had in mind :) )


  2. yonicultus: Poor poor boy… he does deserve sympathy…

    Oh, no wait…

    Sympathy?! What does that word even mean? Let me go look it up and I will come back to you…


  3. Another beautifully written and intense entry: above Anonymous mentioned he/she didn’t know whether to feel sympathy or envy for your boy. I vote envy, all the way. Thank you again for this blog.

  4. Henry: “Another beautifully written and intense entry…”

    Thank you Henry, I’m glad you thought so.

    “I vote envy, all the way.”

    I shall have to ask him what he thinks about it. I expect he would say something like ‘I vote envy, all the way…’.


  5. You claim that you give no sympathy..maybe not. i think of it as more care..You make sure to take he does for You


  6. lookingaround: “You claim that you give no sympathy..maybe not. i think of it as more care..You make sure to take he does for You”

    You make a relevant distinction. There is a difference between sympathy and care. Do I have sympathy for him in that situation, or in fact, any time that I do evil things to him? No, none, not even a glimmer – it is what he craves, what I crave, it hurts and it’s hot and they feed each other.

    Care is something else, and of course, he knows that my feelings for him are at the core of it all.


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