Fun of hurting

Him: What is the fun of hurting me? *pause* That is the most right question I have ever asked.

Me: The fun of hurting you is in your reactions, is in how it makes you more beautiful, is in how it brings out who you are, is in the sounds you make in it, is in the way you speak to me in the middle of it, is in how it makes me wet. It reaches into you and exposes you to me. And that is incredibly hugely mind blowingly hot.

Him: Yes Ma’am, and thank you.

Me: Yes boy, and you’re welcome.

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  1. How did I miss this one?! *smacks forehead* I love the way you answer this and explain from your perspective what it is that pain does for you both.


    1. *smile* It’s such an old one. It is fun and sweet and sad to see them again.

      He was a masochist and he was concerned that I was just doing it for him. I wasn’t.


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