There is noise in your head, I can hear it from here, a humming, making your body ache, drawing a moaning sound from deep in your throat, a spinning, floaty, throbbing sex-noise that makes you dreamy and hard and desperate, that makes your eyes glassy and your mouth wet with want.

I whisper, “Are you paying attention boy?”

I can barely hear you, “Yes Ma’am, I’m paying attention”

Sharper, no louder, I bring you back to me, “Are you paying attention boy?”

A soft beautiful moan, a focussing, you breathe, “Yes Ma’am” and I feel it go straight to my cunt. I am already thinking about what I want from you next.

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  1. Ma'am,

    i can say without the slightest hesitation that i am indeed paying attention. As i am sure any person who reads this most evocative pieces will be doing exactly the same thing.

    Next, hmmm perhaps it's like 'Sliding Doors' with parallel stories about to be launched, depending upon one's perspective.

    Parallel story 1: Accompany Ma'am to a restaurant & movie to engage in subtle public demonstrations of one's complete submissiveness whilst enjoying each other's vanilla company.

    Parallel story 2: Accompany Ma'am to a lifestyle friendly venue where one is completely, openly & proudly paraded as Her property, behaving in a manner completely at Her discretion & direction.

    Parallel story 3: Be beaten to a pulp. Collapse in tears at Ma'am's feet. Beg to be permitted to serve Her in any way She so chooses.

    And so on & so on :).


  2. qreus: I’m glad to see that you are paying attention. Inattention irks me.

    I’ll take parallel story number… oh, wait… no, no, that would be telling and I said I would never tell.


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