Classic black corset

I found this photo while cleaning up my files. I’ve posted photos of a different, more beautifully intricate corset before, but I don’t think I’ve shared this photo of my classic black one.

With jeans, for that ‘oh this old thing?’ casual look...

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  1. I suspect that “Oh this old thing” is code for “I noticed that you’ve turned into a drooling mess”. ;)

    Lovely look, Miss Ferns. *smiles*


  2. Classic look Ferns I of course being twue dress for every occasion in a corset…. Actually given the toll age and chocolates coupled with a fondness for the demon drink it might not be a bad idea :)

    1. Thanks. And corsets are never a bad idea!

      Though a tip to the uninitiated: Shoes first. Well, unless you have a willing submissive to do that for you of course…


  3. Hot Damn!!! I need to call my job and report a fire cause that is just too hot!! If it’s not your writing it’s your beauty, both always makes my heart drop to my throat. As always, you are simply elegant.


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