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I’ve discovered that a plugin that I use here on my blog allows me to initiate a chat with someone when they are reading my blog.

Ferns chat request

This amuses me greatly because if it happened to me on someone’s blog, it would FREAK ME THE FUCK OUT!! I think I would get such a shock that I would click the little x at the top of the screen so fast my head would spin.

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Poll Results

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  1. paul blume
  2. slapshot
  3. DomDomme
  4. Anonymous
  5. Neophyte
      • Neophyte
      • slapshot
  6. lthrmatt
  7. Anonymous
  8. Eric
  9. Zero2Infinity
  10. Matt
    • Sir Puppington Lothian.
  11. Deidra
  12. Sir Puppington Lothian.
  13. Jan
  14. pedro
  15. lurker
  16. slave mark
  17. Don
      • Don

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