Eeek! Blog chat

I’ve discovered that a plugin that I use here on my blog allows me to initiate a chat with someone when they are reading my blog.

Ferns chat request

This amuses me greatly because if it happened to me on someone’s blog, it would FREAK ME THE FUCK OUT!! I think I would get such a shock that I would click the little x at the top of the screen so fast my head would spin.

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  1. What an interesting idea… I wonder what the votes will be. I wonder if my readers would like this too…. I shall watch and see what you decide


  2. Depending on the nature of the conversation, I’d be perfectly happy to chat. Except about the weather…hereabouts, that’s just depressing.

  3. OMG! I would run soooooo fast! Wait. No. I wouldn’t.

    I would end up telling you all about it later though. “I was on this blog and the blogger started chatting with me and it was weird!”

    And then we’d discuss the details and it would be strangely familiar to both of us.

    1. This sounds much more complicated than I had anticipated!

      Maybe you should just send me an email instead, then I will tweet you an update, then we can chat on the blog, after which I will IM you and then we can talk about it on Skype, mmmkay…?!


  4. It would be grinning, ear to ear fun! Quite a novel idea, and I like it.

    Of course, the downside being that you’d get to see just how bad my spelling and typing really are… But who cares!

    FUN!!!… I’m ready when you are.

    1. *laugh* Yes, it could be fun!

      I like the idea of someone quietly having a read here and minding their own business when this ‘Hello!’ pops up *ding* and ‘Woah! What the fuck?!’ It makes me laugh.


  5. Ferns:

    Do you have a place where you can stick in custom css? (a stylesheet, perhaps?) You have the width of those elements set to 124px, which is why they’re so short.

    If you know where to put the CSS, stick this in:

    #content .hentry form label {
    width: 400px;

    If that doesn’t fix it, try this:

    .hentry form label {
    width: 400px;

    If either of those work, you can adjust the 400px width to whatever.


  6. I can’t do the poll for some reason, but it’s a split vote between the first two options. The second mostly because it’s so funny. :)

  7. well it could be even more fun if you start speaking in voice to the person reading your blog. That could cause some heart attacks!!!

  8. Are you kidding? I’d be thrilled to chat with you in a format offering more and quicker dialogue than blog comments or e-mail generally allow.

    1. Yay! Excellent!!

      I should probably mention that while I can pick ‘a person who is reading my blog’ to chat with, what I see is IP addresses, so if I do it, it would be kind of random.

      Most likely scenario is that I would say hello to someone who has visited a lot (not a first time visitor!) AND who is hanging around on the blog for a bit.

      Be ready!! *pounce*


      1. Of course, if you were to put that little spinning globe thing back, you could at least see where in the world we were when visiting your page.

        1. Oh, I can see an IP address and (sometimes not very accurate) location in the tool.

          I know you liked the spinning globe (I did too), but of all the things on my blog it was the thing slowing the page load down most, so I had to sacrifice it.


    1. *laughs and laughs* I love you guys!! Too funny!!!

      I am imagining the hilarious three stooges antics if I was to *actually* initiate a chat request *nyuk nyuk nyuk*.


  9. My other:
    Thrilled… yay, a chat!! Hi Ferns!!
    + oh shit, now I have to bring my ‘A’ game or at least get out of my pajamas and get dressed. (No self-respecting Ferns fan wants to be that guy.)

    1. *laugh* I totally want your A game, but pyjamas are perfectly fine

      *flicks on the cam… perves…*

      Yeah, those are good. I like the little fluffy bunnies.


  10. I’d like it, although me and all that technology stuff never ends well. Ferns would just end up leaving in a huff after the gazillionth explanation of how to do it


    1. “First you have to turn the computer on. Yes, yes, at the wall. ON… Good! Then also the ‘on’ switch on the computer itself… no no, that’s the coffee maker!!”


  11. I clicked the “accept” button too. Duh! Is that premature chat-u-lation? Of course, I’d love to chat with you, but please, not with bloggers I read in general. I suspect you’d be swamped, and have to be selective. Also, I suppose there would be some sort of verification in joining so we’d know some hacker had not hijacked our favorite, most fascinating Domme and blogger. They better not try!!!

    1. All the people clicking the ‘Accept’ button are completely hilarious!!

      *smile* The chat is one-on-one and it only works one way: that is, only I can initiate it. So no swamping.

      Also no verification, you’d have to trust that it was me!


    1. @Matt:

      “It would be cool if you were drunk.”

      Why? I’d be *fascinated* to know what Miss Ferns is like sober!

  12. I think it would be awesome, with only two small exceptions:
    1) There are many times that I check this blog shortly before going off to school or work, and I wouldn’t have time then to chat. But since you said in one of the earlier comments that it would be someone who’d been hanging around for a little while, perhaps this wouldn’t be a problem.

    2) It would be so intimidating to talk to the person who writes all these incredibly thoughtful and well-worded posts “in person”! :squee:

    1. *smile*

      1) I *would* pick someone who was hanging around for a bit (since obviously they have nothing better to do!! Heh).

      2) Oh, that’s so sweet!! I am perfectly disappointing in chat, I promise!


  13. Why wouldn’t it be fun? Well, I guess we know why – person who only exists in writing suddenly shows herself to be *shockingly real*!

    For my part, of course I’d be glad and honoured to talk to you, Miss Ferns. Though I hate being limited by time and other practical circumstances when I’m enjoying a conversation and might make my excuses rather than get into that position. That’s especially true if a writer lives, say, in Oz and therefore doesn’t keep the hours of countries that organise their clocks *properly*.

    1. “Well, I guess we know why – person who only exists in writing suddenly shows herself to be *shockingly real*!”

      True! And I mean, there are only so many ways to talk about the weather!

      “For my part, of course I’d be glad and honoured to talk to you, Miss Ferns.”

      Thank you, puppy.

      “…might make my excuses rather than get into that position”

      I will accept any and all excuses gracefully and will not go and cry in the corner. I promise.


    1. @Jan: Fair enough too.

      I’m always too scared to click on things without looking because I am always suspicious that they are trying to send me to ‘’


  14. I forgot to mention before that I think we might be sharing a brain.

    I put up a chat widget just a couple of days before you posted this… get out of my head, woman! But since you’re in there, perhaps you can straighten things up a bit. :)

    1. *laugh* Oh! Funny!!

      I always knew that was an option, but it never interested me because *I* want to be the one to initiate a chat if and when *I* feel like it. Control freak and all!

      “But since you’re in there, perhaps you can straighten things up a bit. :)”

      *fluffs up cushions… kicks cat… makes cocktails… *


  15. Ohh, I should like to press accept and think….
    “Oooooh a chat….. with Miss Ferns…”
    And feel honored.

    I’d check the time and location as I just might be online in peek mode, or location may be chat unfriendly but I think I’d say hi and try to apologize.
    In that case, any other way like when I’m in browse mode and in a private place, I love to chat,

    Pedro.. “ex Lurker “

    1. *smile* Thank you for delurking Pedro!!

      Thank you for being willing to chat, and I would completely understand if I was to invite you and you were not able to for some reason.

      I would not cry or anything!


  16. A pop-up would indicate an attempt to infect me with a virus so the question becomes “do I want to catch something from Ferns?”. Granted it could make me famous depending upon the infection. Addiction to champagne would be the obvious possibility but I don’t want to acquire a shoe fetish. So moo motherfucker!

  17. Ms Ferns, it would make my night, it would have the elemnt of surprise and power that every sub male seems to enjoy, and puts You so squarely in charge as we can’t initiate a chat with You, it is like kneeling there blindfolded while You decide it is time for the viewer to be approached. Very delicious!

    1. *smile* Thanks slave mark.

      I’ve used the chat a few times now. It is really good fun.

      Maybe I will accost you next time… you just wait there…


  18. This was so funny – wasn’t paying attention when I got to the bottom of the post, and saw the chat box and accept / decline icons — and tried to “accept”. Still laughing at myself…..

      1. Yes, what can I say (laughing) I was excited until I realized I was talking to nobody. Funny part is I “updated” twice before it hit me. I am a bit slow at times…. ha ha.

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