Happy femdom story – AudioDiva

The lovely AudioDiva was kind enough to share the story of meeting her boy, and how their relationship developed. She sweetly added that ‘life is pretty fantastic’, and their story bears that out. It’s just lovely *happy sigh*.

Author: AudioDiva

I met My boy last year while I was in the middle of a bad break up from my vanilla husband. My ex & I were in the BDSM scene when we met 10yrs … Continue Reading

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Happy femdom story: Katherine (an update)

Nearly a year ago, I published Aaron’s happy femdom story. As a young submissive, Aaron wrote about finding his feet and how he was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman with whom to share his explorations.

That wonderful woman is Katherine. I’m beyond delighted that she has sent me an update on how it is going with them. Happiness is not a constant state, not an ‘ending’: we struggle, we work at it, … Continue Reading

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Happy femdom story: Najakcharmer

I have been a fan of Najakcharmer’s posts and writings for a long time, and her fabulous long term poly relationship with her two men has been a thread throughout. This is a story about a happy, healthy, wonderful poly relationship full of love and primal passion. It’s long, but totally worth it…

Author: Najakcharmer

“Eventually the whip arm gets weary, and you find yourself in the same room with an adult human being who Continue Reading

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Happy femdom: Dani

This fabulous email landed in my inbox a while ago, and it was such a fascinating, wonderful story of discovery and evolution that I really wanted to share it. So with permission, here is Dani’s story.

Author: Dani

I just wanted to tell you thanks for having such an awesome, n00b-friendly blog and thanks for doing the submissive men images video.

The very condensed version of my story is this: A little less than … Continue Reading

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Building trust

Trust doesn’t flow one way. I know that’s obvious, but we D/s folks talk a lot about how the submissive has to trust their Domme and all that. Yes, true.

But as a dominant, I have to trust him also.

I have to trust him to accept my dominance happily, I have to trust him to glow under it, I have to trust that he will tell me when something is wrong, I have to … Continue Reading

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Happy femdom stories – UnspeakableAxe

I started following Unspeakable Axe’s blog years ago. A submissive man from the country who had moved to New York City and who was going through the ups and downs of finding a dominant partner. It was fascinating in the way that these stories always are, and Axe’s writing is funny and compelling and each time something promising didn’t pan out, I was disappointed for him. Why was no-one fabulous grabbing him?!! Baffling.

Then things … Continue Reading

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Happy femdom stories – Jake

This story has a happy ending, but along the way it’s a difficult story that illustrates how hard it can be for young submissive men who feel disenfranchised, confused, and lost with their sexuality and relationships, and how challenging it can be to deal with that on top of whatever else they have going on in their lives.

Thank you for sharing your story, Jake, and I hope there is a lot more happiness to … Continue Reading

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