I like to touch my partner when I am driving with him. Or to have him touching me. Just to stay connected.

To hold hands, like we are 12 years old, all innocent-like.

Or to reach over and rest my hand on his thigh, feel him shift ever so slightly closer so that I don’t have to stretch quite so far.

But best of all, I like to take his hand, slip it between my … Continue Reading

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Submissive man finds dominant woman! News at 11!

HugsTwo of my fabulous male submissive friends are exploring new relationships. Yay!!

Why am I posting about this?

Because it makes me happy, because they are wonderful, smart, interesting, sweet, amazing men, because both of them have been single for a while, and because it gives me hope.

Mostly, people are not single because they are undesirable hideous trolls living under bridges, compulsively twitching and muttering obscenities at passers-by.

Mostly, people are single because it’s … Continue Reading

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