Kissing him

I sit on the arm of the couch, look down at him, stroke his face. I place my hand on his cheek, and cup his face up to me as I kiss him gently. He kisses me back, tentatively, and I nudge his mouth open, tasting him, and it rises quickly in me, passion, heat. I kiss him a little harder, exploring his mouth, my fingers slip to his throat, applying some pressure, pushing his head back, tilting it until it is along the back of the couch, and I kiss him, tasting him, feeling the skin of his exposed … Continue Reading

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First time

I went to a BDSM night at a goth club with a submissive female friend. It was the first time I had identified as a ‘Domme’ in public, I had never been to a club before, had no idea what to expect, had never really played with a submissive (at this stage, I had a remote submissive online, and had played as a sub to a very experienced Dom (another story)).

The play area was not closed to the public, but the BDSM activity was in a separate room. I wore (aha…here comes the fetish part) a black catsuit, a … Continue Reading

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They had been in touch online and by phone already, he was funny, smart, he fitted. She liked his openness despite it not being his nature, his hints of shyness, his obvious desire to submit to her, his sense of humour, even his inexperience had appeal. In the last week before meeting, he seemed to be having doubts. She sensed his skittishness, like a racehorse baulking at the gate. She was travelling specifically to meet him and made compromises, unlike her, to reassure him and to ensure that the meeting happened. She felt disadvantaged, vulnerable, but she did it anyway, … Continue Reading

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…there you are… hello…

You have been in my thoughts a lot these last couple of weeks, sometimes in excruciating detail, thinking about the taste and feel of your mouth under mine, sometimes just a vague unease, of something missing, ticking in the back of my mind.

I hope you are well, happy, or ok at least, content with your decision. I wish you all sorts of good things, I hope you know that.

You have my email, my IM, my phone number… if you want to talk at some stage, maybe soon, maybe after some time has passed, I would welcome you.

I … Continue Reading

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