Kissing you awake

You are sleeping now, finally, and twitchy, restless. Are you dreaming, or are your thoughts silent and is it only your body imagining your life outside of sleep?

I watch your face, so soft in repose, innocent and beautiful, an occasional frown creasing your forehead. I would like to wake you gently, to see how long it would take for your mind to register that there are lips on yours, softly nudging, until you start to feel it in your half sleep and unconsciously open your mouth to me, not even knowing what is going on.

And I like this sleepy, half awake boy who just kisses whoever’s mouth he finds on his, and opens himself up and makes some low sound when the kissing makes his cock wake up.

I just want to make out, and I never use the term ‘make out’, but I do like it. Or the term ‘pash’ is equally good… Both are adolescent and perfect. I could wake you slowly like that and we could pash.

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  1. As much as I hate to go to sleep at night, (I’m like a kid that way) I’d gladly trot off to bed if only to awaken to a pash like that.

  2. I’ve been dozing off the past hour while surfing the internet. This gives me a new hope for what is on my lips the next time I doze off.

    Hopefully reading this at least leads to some amazing dreams.

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