e[lust] #46

I’m delighted to be one of this month’s ‘Featured Posts’, chosen by e[lust]’s fabulous editor, Molly. Thank you!

Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #47? Start with the newly updated rules, come back June … Continue Reading

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Because you are so beautiful

I was punching him over and over again: his face alternatively screwed up with pain, mouth open in a silent yell, then stoic against the hurt, completely closing down, trying to get control back. His body thrashed violently against the restraints at the peak of each wave until I could no longer aim the strike and had to stop.

He was so fucking pretty when he was like this: not thinking, just reacting. Some fear, … Continue Reading

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Honesty sometimes feels like manipulation

Sometimes it’s hard to be honest without feeling manipulative.

Sometimes I know what the outcome of honesty is going to be, so it feels like I am manoeuvring that outcome by *being* honest. That can be a hard mindset to let go of.

I suspect that more submissives have experienced this dilemma than dominants.

Submissive [honest statement]: “I really like it when you just tell me what to do without asking me.”
*cue your Continue Reading

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Compromise in D/s relationships

I talked in my Masocast interview with the lovely UnspeakableAxe about compromising away happiness, and I’ve had a few private conversations about it since then, so I thought it was worth expanding on.

A lot of people seem to start relationships with “Oh, that’s okay, it’s not that important to me” and end up with “What the holy fuck happened here?”

There is always compromise in relationships, but there is a world of difference between … Continue Reading

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Drawing out hurt

“Hands behind your head.”

You comply quickly, and you wait.

“We’re going to do something that we’ve done before, can you guess?” I ask, smiling.

We are new together, there aren’t that many choices.

“No Ma’am,” you reply quickly. You are nervous.

“The pegs,” I grin at you.

You make a face at me, screw up your nose, your lip curls. You are not into pain. In fact, you don’t like it at all, the … Continue Reading

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No more…

“I can’t do this anymore…” He blurted it out in a rush, like he had to release it or it would never come out.

I looked at him. They were the first words out of his mouth after our greeting through the car window. I had pulled up outside the restaurant, he was waiting there for me. It was obvious that he had a lot more to say.

I nodded at him. “Wait, we can … Continue Reading

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Please, please don’t

I cuff him and tie him spread-eagled to the bed. I take out the piercing gear and lay it out. The 14 gauge needles , clamps, antiseptic, anticipating the pain he would be in soon.

He is nervous, this is the first time I have restrained him for a piercing. I lean down to kiss him, soft, gentle kisses, he returns them hesitantly.

“It will be fine, baby.”

I reassure him, stroke his cheek.

“It … Continue Reading

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