I know a lot of you are waiting for an update on the cougarling’s visit, and it’s coming.

I blame him for the lack of posting: He ended up staying until pretty much 3 hours before I had to pack up and head off on the first leg of a trip overseas, and I will have NO time to myself for another couple of weeks.

So you will just have to wait.

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Setting expectations

All going to plan, the cougarling will arrive here on Saturday afternoon after a million hours of driving. He will stay for a few days (not with me: that’s waaay ‘too much too soon’). How long exactly depends on how it goes.

I sent him an outline of my expectations:


What I expect from the visit is that we will date like normal people dating, though obviously we will be spending far more time … Continue Reading

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The cougarling

I rarely talk about potentials here for a bunch of complicated reasons.

Firstly because they usually know about my blog and talking about my feelings while exploring something new is confusing and destructive. If I write about it honestly, it’s more information than I am ready to share with them. Since these things are always tenuous and volatile, my thoughts are often all over the place, and blurting them out when they are fleeting and … Continue Reading

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