Unexpected femdommery on film

This short femdom film is such a wonderful surprise: Displaying a really gentle touch in portraying an older woman who is new to BDSM, who is exploring, who is unsure and nervous. There are many such brave and fabulous women out there.

It’s written and directed by Julia Kennelly, and stars the amazing Rachel Dratch who I suspect many of you will recognise.

It’s classed as a comedy, but it’s not played for laughs. It’s fun and sweet, and also full of pathos and tenderness. Both for her and the beautiful submissive boy she meets.

It’s deliciously awkward and realistic, and honestly I’m always so desperate for any lifestyle F/m representation (this vs pro-dominatrix stereotypes as side characters) that when I see something that’s even halfway well-produced and acted I get all lyrical about it :).

Love it.

More of this kind of content please, mainstream.

Marcy learns something new

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  1. Really excellent! I like that they show the Dom’s doubts, some of the aftercare, a non-old-fat man and a non-Dominatrix-like woman, the complexity of online dating (especially with BDSM in mind), etc. all such things that are so rarely put forward in mainstream media.

    Thanks for the share!

  2. I watched a little bit and will wait until I can watch it together with Ma’am. She is quite new to the domme role and this little film will fit perfectly. Thanks for the recommendation

  3. Love it! As a new and older Dom, it made me quite happy! I just texted my sometimes sub to ask if he had watched it, he said he was waiting to watch it with me. Good boi : )

    1. Heh… now I’m wondering if you and ‘a mental switch’ are a couple… :)

      And yes, to seeing representations of older new dominant women tentatively stepping out!


  4. *sniffle* What? No no, just allergies. Hush now while I watch this again.
    So sweet and really hit home.
    Thanks Ferns

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. I really wish this was a whole series and not only a short film. It is so beautifully and depicts F/m in such a good realistic way.

    1. I wish it was also.

      I would LOVE to see how she grows into her own, how their relationship unfolds, what happens next etc. Alas… :/


  6. I want more! That was so well done. I loved that they showed the nerves and uncertainties with, not only online dating but with starting a relationship with bdsm. I was smiling so hard for that last scene!

  7. I loved this and I especially loved the ending where he said thank you and leaned into her. It was so sweet!

  8. Seeing Rachel, I kept waiting for the laugh line…and fell into a sweet little film. She is marvelous, using a huge range of expressions to fill out that blossom of discovery. Thank you for this discovery, Ferns.

  9. Ms Ferns: I was in tears by the end of this film. When I first awoke to the erotic aspects of dominance and submission, it was through exploration of pornography, which I found arousing, but hollow and contrived. Through Fetlife, and more especially through blogs like yours and others, I discovered that real human beings, warts and all, can get a glimpse of their own identities and learning to confront and drop that big bag of shame we all seem to carry around from the day we leave school. Through local munches and online communications, I have come to know a few amazing friends who remind me so much of Rachel Dratch’s character, everyday folks who take a step outside the “norm” and discover their own true power and worth.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Hi Ferns,
    Excellent movie and ultimate proof that it’s not about kink, but about giving and taking control and trust.

    Thanks for sharing, love


  11. Thank you for sharing this film with us! I really enjoyed it AND I learned something about U.S. history!

    1. Heh. Right? I would have failed pretty much all of those questions. In my defence, I’m not American (it is a poor defence, to be sure, but I’m clinging to it) :P.


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