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Baby: Audio

This is what I sound like when I am slightly drunk, when I am writing and suddenly typing seems like too much trouble so I decide on audio instead, when I am languid and lounging on the couch, a slight slurring, almost in too much stupor to force the words past my lips…

I suspect this is similar to how I sound after sex.


I like the pet name ‘baby’.

It’s not because I infantalise my submissive.

It’s because to me it communicates sex and caring and sweetness, all of those.

I was going to write about this, but then I thought that audio was much more appropriate.

Because pet names have more power when they are spoken.

So when I say ‘Oh, baby’ it’s so much different from seeing it written on the page…

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  1. Not to denigrate your writing in any way, but this…wow. Your agent needs to take away your computer and just get you drunk and chatty in front of a microphone. How do Australian men withstand that accent? Most American men would likely follow you around like a stray, starving dog fed a kindly morsel.

    Oh, right, there’s no accent on that recording. “Move straight along nothing to listen to here.”
    Anon Fan

    1. *laugh* Thanks for the compliment. I can do ‘drunk & chatty’: I’m pretty good at it.

      “Oh, right, there’s no accent on that recording.”

      Correct! :P


  2. When I’m slightly drunk I tend to dance like a robot.

    When I’m more than slightly drunk I tend to dance like a robot in a bit of a hurry.


    Mr Roboticon

    1. Video please!

      (for the record, I just spent WAAAYYY too long looking for a video I saw the other day of a man in a lego costume stripping so I could point to it and say something cute… that’s 10 minutes of my life I dedicated to you and I have nothing to show for it :))


      1. As a consequence of your last message, and due to my own arrogance, I have just spent 20 minutes looking for the video you couldn’t find.

        I couldn’t find it either, unfortunately.

        I did, however, I did find this.

        This is how I intend to dress on my next date. Nothing has changed since the 90’s right? This is still cool…?


        Mr Robotichrimbo.

  3. *turns on the fan* I’m okay, really! *laughs* I do like how you change your tone to differentiate the way it sounds depending on how you are using it. You can hear the difference between the hotness and the sweetness.


  4. Wow, Minecraft man is really packing.

    Gives new meaning to the term “cock blocked”.


    A degenerate celebrating Christmas

  5. If what stands between the yearning (we’ll ignore whatever the hell else they may be doing other than yearning) internet masses and a recording of you explaing your views on use of “boy” (and demonstrating its proper use in your most dommely voice) is a bottle of champagne, please advise I’ll arrange for shipment forthwith!

  6. There’s no doubt it was hot hearing you say “baby”, but when you threw in the “boy” that was deliciously hot and made me jolt. I can only imagine how your boys melt whenever you call them that.

  7. You have the perfect voice. And a lovely accent (even though you don’t have one). ;)

    Don’t worry, I’m home now so I shouldn’t have any more embarrassing situations.

    Reading your old blog posts still has to be one of my favorite hobbies.

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