My sent emails XL: On younger men

I guessed his age at late 20s: He’d just turned 30. He made a joke about his immaturity giving it away. Which was amusing, but entirely untrue. He’s an articulate, smart, engaging man who has only been in my inbox for a very short while, but already I enjoy him a lot.

It’s interesting, the age thing. I’ve written various pieces about it before, but my guessing relatively accurately how old he was led me … Continue Reading

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On hate mail

I’m lucky. I don’t get a lot of hate mail despite my prolific presence on the internet.

But I do get some. From strangers with whom I have never interacted as far as I know.

The last couple:

“You sound high maintenance and up yourself” – 58M

“Old disgusting bitch” – 31M

These are mild, I know many people get much worse. I recorded this one that was so over the top that it made … Continue Reading

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Boring admin-type note

I’m having a problem with my comments at the moment. If you submit a comment, it IS working, I AM getting it, but for some reason, new comments aren’t displaying. Until later, at some random time. When they DO display.

I’m trying to fix it, but I didn’t want anyone to get frustrated thinking that their comments were going into the void and then getting annoyed and submitting it again (and again and again and … Continue Reading

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Domme Chronicles: Hard copy book winner

And the winner of my hard copy book is…

*dramatic drum roll*

*fumbles with the envelope*


** Chris Wallace! **

I’ll contact you to arrange delivery!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to comment *smile*.

Much fun!… Continue Reading

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