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Given that some people have lost or moved their blogs due to actions taken by Blogger or WordPress.com, I thought I’d do a post purely to pimp out BDSM blogs.

I’m not just pimping those who have changed address, I am das über pimp: If you have a BDSM-related blog, I’m happy to give you a shout-out with my big furry hat and purple velvet jacket on.

Wonderful blogs that have recently moved
(if you follow them, make sure your feeds are up-to-date!)

Mystic’s Mind Fuck by Mysticlez
Submissive in Seattle by Peroxide


Fabulous blogs that have gone nowhere
(why aren’t you reading them already?)

O Miss Pearl by Miss Pearl
Exploring male submission By Revner
Why BDSM? by Sgath
BDSM Ted_subby by ted_subby (blog)
ted_subby’s BDSM Web Pages by ted_subby (links)
Sexual Destinies by Vic Vista
Submissive guy comics
Shenanigans by Miss Layton
Dumb Domme
Pure liquid kink by roo-roo
Vagina Antics by Heather Cole and Nikki Blue
Mistress Lilyana by Mistress Lilyana
Olivia Fitzgerald by Miss Olivia Fitzgerald
Confessions of Elle by Elle


If you have a blog you want to pimp, old or new, moved or not, throw it in the comments with a link and I’ll add it to the lists here (tell me if you have recently moved or not so people can update their feeds).

If you are already on my fabulous blog roll, I already think you are amazing and I’m happy to say so again (and again) – just give me a hoy and I’ll give you a bump over here with my best pimpety-pimp-pimp patter!

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  1. I just love when I get to be on top! *chuckles* Thank you for putting me in your pimpage. I am honored.


    1. Ha! Upon reflection, that was a *really* poor choice of words on my part *laugh*.

      LITERALLY, not figuratively!!

      Ahh, fuck it, I can’t save it!!


    1. Well, you are pointing your nipple at the world, I’d say you are at risk!!

      You don’t have any pictures, so you may fly under the radar.

      My suggestion: Be ready to move (take a look at options and the process, do regular exports), but just leave it and see what happens. Then the worst case will be that you will be down for a few days.

      In the meantime, I will pimp you out *pinches your nipple because… NIPPLE!!*


  2. Popping in to pimp mine too, if I may:


    It follows my life as an exclusive Dominant Courtesan and Lifestyle Dominant. I see a select few gents (and a lady!) and this chronicles *some* of the things I get up to with them.

    I did use to be a Pro-Domme and it charts my experience back to then, to how I conduct Domination now. I generally keep it SFW.

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