Missing him

So bambi has been offline for the third day in a row**. I am twitchy and restless. I am used to pretty much constant contact when our timezones align.

He is overseas, staying in a small, remote village in a foreign country. He has had internet access in the place he has been staying, but apparently it is now broken. He has only a ‘voicemail-to-email’ cell number, and there are no internet cafes, … Continue Reading

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Happy femdom story: Katherine (an update)

Nearly a year ago, I published Aaron’s happy femdom story. As a young submissive, Aaron wrote about finding his feet and how he was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman with whom to share his explorations.

That wonderful woman is Katherine. I’m beyond delighted that she has sent me an update on how it is going with them. Happiness is not a constant state, not an ‘ending’: we struggle, we work at it, … Continue Reading

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Using D/s to get what I want

Soon after we started speaking, bambi and I talked about fitness. He told me that he was carrying too much weight and was trying to lose it. I told him that if he was mine, I would make him lose the weight (and no, I don’t care one bit how ‘politically incorrect’ that is). A day after we had that discussion, he went and got a gym membership and ramped up his efforts. I enjoyed … Continue Reading

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Me, naked

All going well (caveat caveat, fingers crossed, baby animals sacrificed and etc…), bambi will be the first man to see the results of my body project.

My nakedness in all its post-working-out glory.

After all this frigging work I have been doing, I expect angels to sing the hallelujah chorus, and a glorious light to stream down from the heavens when I unveil.

Streaming sunlight

Or at least double rainbows.

Not too much to ask is … Continue Reading

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Random bambi thoughts

We are in chat most of the day when we are both awake (normal ‘life stuff’ notwithstanding), even if we are not actually talking all the time. Real time stories of our days.


I think he worries that I am not getting his best at times. I am not sure what that means exactly. But I’m pretty sure he worries.


I told him at one point early on that if he wanted to … Continue Reading

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Yesterday, he booked the flight to come here to me.

That suddenly makes it a real possibility. So exciting!

“He, who?!! Geez, Ferns, you never tell us ANYTHING!” *pout mutter*

He, the cutie who I have been speaking with for a couple of months now… that one…

He attracted my attention by slipping this into a comment he made on a Fetlife thread we were both participating in:

(I’m crushing so hard on Ferns)

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