Ferns for the aural: Audio

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Domme Chronicles
Ferns for the aural: Audio

You asked for it, you got it!!

In this recording are some of the requests from my ‘Dommes don’t speak, they rawwwr’ post.

There is silliness and laughing and someone who might be me sounding very much like a Crocodile Dundee reject.


The recording contains requests from:
– michael
– DumbDomme, Tom Allen
– Peroxide
– Coug
– # [Hash]
– ZeroToInfinity
– Jerome

The other requests are coming soon, in a blog post near you!

Loves: 26
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  1. Now *THAT* was fun!… Thanks for sharing. Listening to you was a great way to start off the day
    (looking forward to hearing more)

  2. OOhhh! I’ve got one. “Over here, slipperlick. On the floor in the presence of your queen!”

    1. *smile* Now Eric, did you see me ask for more suggestions in this post?

      Unfortunately, you missed your chance to be dropping ideas into the suggestion box.

      Though I did like ‘slipperlick’ *laugh*.


  3. Damn, I always miss the good stuff. Totally would have had you say muskrats. >.< (also, this was hilarious. XD)

  4. In your most bubbly voice, say “Boy, you left the toilet seat up.” Say it with a smile in your heart.

    1. *laugh* You need a time machine! Go back and post this in the past and I will happily talk about toilet seats while all heart-smiley!


  5. I for one think you most definitely have an accent. Bit more British sounding then Australian, but an accent none the less. Could be worse, it could have been an American southern drawl! LOL

    1. Pffft!! You are delusional. Everyone knows that Australians don’t have accents! It’s *everyone else* who has an accent!


  6. What a delight! Thank you. You sound like you write, which is to say utterly engaging, witty and real. I much prefer your Crocodile Dundee to the original. I’d call your accent subtly English with a dash of outback. But these ears be Yank with a dash of Parmesan. Now I’ll hear your voice in every blog – a gift.

  7. The third “Moo, motherfucker” might have sounded silly to you, but I needed a cold shower and a good lie-down afterward.

    Thank, Ms. Ferns!

  8. Oh Ferns… you did a Kiwi accent very well when attempting a broad aussie accent! i am sure you even said “sex” instead of six!! Ha ha!

    But…oooh la la…what a sensational voice!
    But please dont laugh when or if you do my exercise motivation request…will spoil the effect!!

    Yours always,

    1. “i am sure you even said “sex” instead of six!!”

      Ha! A kiwi accent?! Fush n chups!

      “But…oooh la la…what a sensational voice!”

      Thank you.

      “But please dont laugh when or if you do my exercise motivation request…will spoil the effect!!”

      There will be absolutely no laughing in that one.


  9. You give AMAZING aural! Now just that one last on-time request to fulfill reading from your novel. *smiles* Ummm pretty please?

    1. “You give AMAZING aural!”

      Bet you say that to all the girls (with a wink and a cocked finger, natch!).

      “Ummm pretty please?”

      *smile* Very nice. It’s coming.


      1. Ha…re: wink and finger cocking kind of guy!! Admit it, you did have me wrongly pegged. Ummm labeled.

        For me, it’s indeed about the aural, not the oral. *smiles*

        Thanks again for sharing your lovely voice.

      2. “Admit it, you did have me wrongly pegged.”

        *perk* Pegged?!

        “Ummm labeled.”

        *deflate* Oh… okay.

        “For me, it’s indeed about the aural, not the oral.”

        Sure, sure.

        “Thanks again for sharing your lovely voice.”

        My pleasure.


  10. I’m going to go out on a limb and say these are likely the sexiest pronunciations of “arugula” and “fiasco” ever recorded. Also, you make the use of “whatever” fun, which is probably dangerous.

    Thank you.


    1. *smile* I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jerome. I would have hated to spoil your favourite words for you.

      Aah-roo-guh-la, Jerome.


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