Moo, motherfucker – part II !

*laugh* OMG, really?!!!

Moo motherfucker

Seriously, is this a ‘thing’ now?

I sooo hope it’s a thing.

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e[lust] #36

** Note: I never post the image that comes along with e[lust] because it is invariably of a naked or partially naked woman posed in some sexy way. Those images are not what I want to look at, so I skip them. This is the first one I can recall that is of a partially naked male (with a cute arse, and doing kitcheny things!)… Yay for naked men!

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My sent emails XXXII – drunk version

hello Jay,

I am drumk, whoicnh mans slow and terrible typing, wihc I am too lazy to corect because, I am lazy
an d drnk!@

I hpe yhou had a great day, cutie pie, and mickey mouse was sweet to you.

Good moening , Jay

*big hug*

Ferns… Continue Reading

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Shit Ferns says #3

Random out of context stuff that I have said recently.

It’s its own special ‘thing’, like a ‘thing’ you read about when you read about ‘things’ that aren’t like other ‘things’…

Un-coffeed, I am kind of mean

You totally win injury finger porn wars!!!

I think Hitty McHitty-on-er-ton was over in the other corner with the fit brunette in the tiny shorts…

I think you absolutely *must* say something about your ‘journey’, whine about scammers,

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Why chastity is hot

I never used to ‘get it’, I love my man’s orgasms, I love having him come for me, I love everything about it, so I wasn’t interested in having him NOT come. At all. Until I was.

I tried it with my last submissive as a few days of ‘no touching’ as a punishment, there was no ‘device’. I didn’t really expect much from it, I thought he would be frustrated and kind of annoyed, … Continue Reading

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And now… femdom porn…

If you have never heard of the movie ‘Verfolgt‘, why not? It’s a German film that has been marketed in English as ‘Hounded’ and ‘Punish Me’.

It’s a rare beast: a femdom story that involves a conflicted, older female dominant sadist and a much younger, pretty submissive masochist. It boasts fine acting and nary a latex or leather outfit in sight.

I found a link to a wonderful tribute to it, so here’s … Continue Reading

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