Bedtime reading

At the end of our call, I have him get into bed.

I read him a bedtime story… it is a tale about a father and son, and three wishes. He quiets as I read softly to him.

When I switch to reading my post about sexual violence half way through, I am not sure if he is still awake.

I hear him shift as soon as he notices the change, he moans softly as I whisper the first sentence into his ear.

I read on, muted sounds from him, hot and quiet murmurs, expressive inarticulate whimpers, making my stomach lift into my throat, going straight to my cunt.

In the middle there, I slip a finger between the lips of my pussy, wet, velvety-slick, bring it to my lips to taste… slightly salty, musky. I interrupt the story to describe the flavour to him in gentle low tones. He makes a growly sighing sound.

When I finish the story, he whispers, “Thank you, Ma’am…” I hear him start to say something else when I tell him goodnight, and hang up.

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  1. I remember having bedtime stories read to me when I was a kid but they weren’t especially memorable. You can read me a bedtime story any time!

    1. *smile* I *love* bedtime stories, reading and being read to is lovely to me.

      I did an audio recording of me reading the ‘Sexual violence’ post after I wrote this, but the quality is pretty bad, so haven’t decided if it is worth posting yet.


        1. I did. It was a little rambling, and there were quite a few views of his that I thought were off base, but it was interesting enough.


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