My sent emails XX

Hello someguy (I will not address you as “Slutsomeguy”, I find that distasteful when I don’t even know you),

My first question is “Why are you contacting me?”

Is it because I am local, identify as a Domme, and am somewhat age appropriate? In other words, is it because I will “do” to fulfil whatever needs it is you have?

What do you know about me? Where in the above missive have you demonstrated that … Continue Reading

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Q&A: Labia fascism

I am 24 I still struggle with the fact that I have one labia larger then the other (in a big way) and I really do not know how to over come this.


Grrrrr… I hate hate HATE that now our labia may not be ‘good enough’, words cannot express how much I hate it.

We see relatively few depictions of different shapes of women’s vaginas, they are not on display like cocks … Continue Reading

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