I’m going to untie you

“I’m going to untie you”, she told him, idly stroking his cock.

“Yes Ma’am”, he replied, breathing heavily, his cock hard and leaking precome from all of the activity so far, his nipples aching, his arse tensing to stop him thrusting up into her hand… he’s dying to come.

“Are you listening”? she demanded.

“Yes Ma’am” he nodded and looked up at her, his eyes clouded with need.

She leaned down to whisper into his ear, “I’m going to untie you and bring your mouth to my cunt – you are going to lick me until I come”.

He felt goosebumps, butterflies in his stomach, his cock jumping, he nodded quickly, “Yes Ma’am”. He wanted to smile, but daren’t, he wanted this so badly, he didn’t want to blow it.

“When I come, if I come”, she added pointedly, “you are immediately going to shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me… do you understand?”

He nodded again, stifling a moan that was rising in his throat at the thought, “Yes Ma’am”.

“Repeat it back to me”

He stammered, afraid of failing already, distracted by her fingers playing with his cock, “Uhhmm… you are going to untie me…and I am going to lick you until you come” he looked at her, a question in his eyes, saying the words making his cock leap. She did not respond, so he continued, “When you come, immediately after you come, you want me to… errm… you want my cock in your… uhhmm… cunt… and… ermmm… you want me to fuck you… Ma’am?”. He waited for her approval, holding his breath, his mind temporarily off his cock, which she was still stroking softly with her fingertips.

She smiled at him, “It sounds even better when you say it”.

He smiled broadly back, his breath escaping in a hiss, relieved, “I have to disagree there Ma’am… when you say it, it’s much hotter.”

She laughed, “One more thing…”

He waited, his heart beating a little faster, wondering if there was some cruel twist.

“You will not come when you fuck me… Do you understand?”

He nodded wildly again, his mouth already salivating in anticipation of tasting her, he would have agreed to anything, “Yes Ma’am”.

She reached over him and undid his bonds. She lay beside him, gripped his hair to guide his head down her body, his tongue already out of his mouth, flicking out to touch any part of her that he could reach on the way down to her pussy. She held his mouth at her cunt and shoved her hips up toward him as she pushed his head down.


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  1. Ferns,Just an image I had after reading your latest entry.**** She reached over him and undid his bonds. She lay beside him, gripped his hair to guide his head down her body, his tongue already out of his mouth, flicking out to touch any part of her that he could reach on the way down to her pussy. She held his mouth at her cunt and shoved her hips up toward him as she pushed his head down. ****And though he had tasted her on the way down (the nape of her neck, her nipples, the undersides of her breasts, the mixture of womanboy sweat and cocksake at her belly), he pushed back, grabbing her hips and ass as she bucked upwards and resting his chin in the wet falls of her cunt.He breathed her and shuddered. He wriggled his nose and she jumped from the momentary clit tease. Surprised at his disobedience and needing his tongue, she slapped him. “Why aren’t you licking bitch”? Opening his lips to answer, the pool of her cunt flooded his mouth. He tried to answer, but choked as her juices slipped into his windpipe. “I love you”, he replied wetly and hoarsely, struggling to recover his breathing. While her cunt ached in annoyance, she understood his greater need to communicate. And then her cunt won the battle, the triumvirate of heart, mind, and hungerlust. Grabbing the boy’s hair once more, she forced his mouth to her cunt, gagging him.Acquiescing, he held onto her hips, pulling towards her, increasing his suffocation in deference to her pleasure and need.“Swallow and choke boy, your tongue stays inside me.”He licked. Still choking, his face turned purplish. She ground against him harder. He licked harder. Circling her clit, he sucked her into his mouth. Her thighs tightened around his head, sealing him further to her pussy. Screaming inside her cunt, she felt his panic and need for air. It traveled through her clit, into her belly, tightening her breasts and heating her face. Flushed and red hot, her face throbbed, clit-like, and her thighs and pussy muscles tightened their grip on her boy’s head.“Mmm… hungry, little boy, you are”, and her muscles further tightened their grip.Feeling how close she was to coming, his cock spasmed and he felt the juices at the base of his shaft, traveling up his shaft, soon to erupt. Her smell, taste, hunger, and orgasm building… all of these tormented, stroked, and engulfed his groin and cock, their own hungry cunt.“Hel… hel… help Ma’am, I can’t hold back”, he moaned into her pussy. His mouth pussygagged, she couldn’t hear him, but she felt him.He let her clit leave his mouth, pressed his tongue into her hole, and tongue-fucked her. Still his cock disobeyed and he tightened down on his muscles, feeling this in his ass and belly, trying to hold off his orgasm. His love and adoration for her and his desire to obey struggled against his cock. The pressure in his balls continued to build. As he felt her cunt start to spasm uncontrollably and her orgasm come on, he could feel himself losing to his own orgasm and on it came.Tears rolled down his face. He cried out “I’m so sorry sweetheart”. She kept coming and he kept licking, feeding on her clit, lips, and pussy to soothe his anguish.Hearing his cries, she opened her legs and he gasped, sucking in much-needed air. For the first time his face became white and she could see his fear of her and his disappointment in himself. “Bad pet”, she said. “Losing control because I come isn’t acceptable. I can see I’ll be teaching you some lessons about controlling my cock”. Grabbing his hair roughly, she pushed his face back into her pussy so he could lick some more, which he did. She came again as he cried into her, his tears tingling as they mixed inside her pussy.Her orgasms subsided, she released her thigh-grip on his head. It took him but a moment to realize his subsequent error. Quickly, he climbed on top her and drove his come-covered cock deeply into her, putting his arms around her, around her waist and ass, pulling her up into him. She could feel her juices, thickened with his, as he thrust in and out of her. She fucked him back and then she just fucked him, putting her own arms around his ass to control how deep she wanted him.“But, but… M… Ma’am, I disobeyed you”, he cried. “I’m so sorry. I tried to hold back, but you, your body, you’re so beautiful”. He didn’t understand. Softly stroking his hair, she put her hands around his head, pulled his lips to hers, and invaded his mouth. Her tongue sought his and she played with him for a while as he (too) played with her.“Silly boy”, she said, as a few more tears welled in his eyes. “Yes, you screwed up and I adore you just the same. You’ve got a few lessons to learn and you *will* be learning them because I always get what I want.”She grabbed his ass and continued fucking him, her mouth on his, her belly still hungry. And at this, he kissed and fucked her, sometimes just her mouth, sometimes just her cunt, and sometimes both together… hard, rough, and completely, because he knew that’s exactly what she wanted… more of him.Elan.

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