He stands in position, his hands clasped behind his head, his feet shoulder width apart. He stretches his body, pulls his navel towards his spine, holds his muscles taut, his abs, his biceps, his thighs all slightly flexed, he knows she likes that. And he waits. He concentrates on keeping still, quelling his urge to shift, to fidget, he knows better. He listens for any sound, any hint that she is approaching. Time passes slowly.

And he waits.

His mind wanders, he is thinking about her, forming her image in his mind, hearing her voice, feeling her touch, his cock starts to harden. He wills it down, feeling his face warm, flush with embarrassment, his mind registers the blush, he knows she likes that, and the knowing makes his cock jerk and harden further. His stomach starts to flutter, butterflies, part fear, part anticipation. He closes his mouth to prevent a low moan from escaping his lips.

And he waits.

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  1. Sigh.

    People are so terribly stupid. And ungrateful. And vain.

    There's no other reason — nor explanation, nor logical, justifiable purpose — for there being no comments left on that which is truly your most beautiful, heartfelt, and — YES, EROTIC — writing.

    None. (And you have quite a bit of it.)

    In my experience (of nigh three decades) on this big blue ball, I've discovered the pathetic predictability of most of the populace. It both saddens and enrages me. In their futile attempt to satiate their more overwhelming desires, they scour the Internet for bimbos with store-bought breasts and everything nature intended left on the cutting room floor. It breaks my heart.

    Never stop. Never be silent. Never let their pandering, misplaced priorities and useless striving deter you from expressing yourself exactly as you see fit. Stay unique. Stay beautiful. Stay real. Because in this ridiculous, over-commercialised, post-modern mess of a world, it's the only thing that remains worth it all.

    Never, ever let it go. I wish you the best and sincerely hope that you prosper. You are among the few left in this business, this lifestyle, that truly deserve to.

    It gives me (some) hope. I thank you for that.

    – M Roulette Chatelaine

  2. Miss Roulette: Thank you so much for your very kind, and beautifully written, words and encouragement.

    I absolutely understand your despair with the superficiality of much of what we see out there, the lack of grace and depth. It can be disheartening at times.

    I do very much appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.


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