Free Book: Come get it!

The first in my ‘How To’ Femdom Series is “How to Write An Awesome Online Profile: For Submissive Men“, now available on Amazon.

It’s short, sharp, and practical and includes a before/after example. If you’re a submissive man stuck on writing your profile, or you just want to revamp what you have, this is a useful place to start.

As fabulously loyal readers, I’m giving you a second chance to get one for free if you missed out the first time. Did I say FREE?! Yes, yes I did!

Just click here to sign up to my mailing list before 23rd Feb (no spam, I promise, and in fact you will probably hear from me so infrequently you will completely forget that you signed up… :P) and you’ll get a free copy in your inbox.

Or, you know, you could just go buy it *smile*.

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  1. I signed up too! And well, a paperback of Domme Chronicles is on its way. I read the preview pages and some of those scenes speak to me more then the limited selection of femdom porn.

    I appreciate you and a few others being out there in the cyber world. I relate to female subs on some levels but only to a point. My Reddit posts tend to attract other msubs thanking me for providing them with something they relate too. I’m flattered that I can be the change I want to see but even I need some help picking Domme’s brains sometimes so I must thank you!

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