Reader QnA: Would you date a 24yo?

I love reading your play stories, although sometimes I think the level of violence would overwhelm me in reality. I’ve been boxing and fighting since I was young, but I don’t know how I could handle real pain in a sexual context.

Love your commitment to fitness and the whole “mens sano in corpore sano” thing. I think I’m young for you but – would you ever consider a 24 year old?

I’m glad you’re … Continue Reading

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Relationships and age differences

I got this question on my Ask Me page, and it was such a good one that it made me get all rambly, so I figured I would turn it into a blog post.

What’s the biggest age gap you could accept in a relationship?

Ha! I love a succinct and difficult personal question!! Well done, you!

The answer is complicated.

My previous relationships have mostly been with men who were within 5-6 years of … Continue Reading

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