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Sunday curiosity #11

Thank you so much to those who asked questions… fun!! This ended up being a hugely long post!! Get coffee, and a packed lunch, and maybe some alcohol.

N: Have you ever “subbed”? :D

Yes, I have.

My first foray into real life BDSM was as a submissive after exploring my dominant side online. My femsub friend and I met a very experienced maledom in a chat room and agreed to meet him. I … Continue Reading

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Car crash

I have, in the last 7 months, formed a close and very sweet and affectionate bond with a submissive remote from me.

I joined Second Life to explore what it was about. I had time on my hands, I was emotionally wrung out, I was curious, I was skeptical.

I talked to a lot of people there, it is like a series of chat rooms, with pictures… I didn’t ‘get’ SL D/s, but I was … Continue Reading

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