… cont.

She held his mouth at her cunt and shoved her hips up toward him as she pushed his head down.

His mouth, tongue and nose smashed into her wet pussy and she felt him trying to lick her, but he could barely move as she fucked his face; his nose and mouth full of the smell and taste of her. She writhed against his face, keeping him still against her, she closed her thighs on the sides of his head and felt him desperately trying to lick her as he had been instructed, but his mouth was so tight against her he could hardly breathe, much less lick. She fucked his face for what seemed like ages, he tried to pull away so that he could breathe, but she held him hard against her, feeling him trying to gasp for air. Finally she relaxed her grip and pulled his wet face away from her cunt. He took deep panting breaths, her musky wetness all over his face, he looked up at her.

She tightened her grip on his hair, guiding his face back to her pussy, gently this time, and he started to use his tongue on her. He licked her with the flat of his tongue, lapping at her lips and towards her clit, gentle, then flicking softly at her clit on the upstroke. He did this over and over until the flicking started to elicit a thrust of her hips towards his tongue, and she started holding his mouth up towards her clit.

He played around her clit, teasing her, touching it only glancingly, and she moved her hips to chase his tongue, but she did not guide his mouth elsewhere, it was perfect, teasing, delicious. She moaned and tightened her grip in his hair when his tongue slid over her clit. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, stroking her hips, her belly, as his mouth moved on her. His fingertips travelled her skin, stroking her in time with his licking. She heard him groan into her pussy. God, she wanted to smash her cunt into his fucking face, to hurt him with it, but the soft licking was what made her come, so fucking frustrating, so fucking good.

He started to lick at her clit with the tip of his tongue, she moved her hips against him to guide the pace, he sucked her clit hard into his mouth, she felt a flash of pain and gasped. She closed her fist hard around a handful of his hair, ripping at it, jerking his mouth away from her harshly. She reached down and slapped him. His face flew to one side, he looked up at her, his face pained, “Too much” she hissed. He blushed, stricken, “Sorry Ma’am! sorry sorrysorry…”.

She brought his mouth back to her clit and he cautiously licked at it, moving his tongue against her, softly, then harder, then softly again, finding a rhythm that matched her hips thrusting against him. His efforts started to draw reward as she began to moan, her thrusts against his tongue becoming stronger, her fingers convulsively gripping and releasing his hair. She wanted more, more contact, more of him.

“Two fingers, inside me”, she demanded.

He immediately slipped two fingers into her wetness, fucking her with them in time with his tongue against her clit, she felt the pressure of his fingers against her and pushed back into him. He licked her forever, changing pace, rhythm, and the force of his licking, his tongue starting to tire, his jaw to ache, pacing himself to the movement of her hips against him. Finally, she started to make inarticulate noises, her moans becoming guttural sounds, compulsive sounds. He felt her start to tense, and he increased the rhythm and force against her just a little. She started to utter low little cries that made his cock twitch and he groaned against her cunt.

He felt more than heard the sound coming from deep in her throat, she gripped his hair, pulling at it, holding him right there as she came, convulsing, every muscle tensed, her hips lifting off the bed, her grip taking him with her, her thighs tight against his face, keeping his mouth against her as a sound escaped her in a long guttural groan. She came hard for several seconds, holding his mouth on her, finally and suddenly pulling his head away from her, his tongue licking at the air as she pushed his mouth away from her.

She moaned softly in the aftermath, her body relaxed, eyes closed, and she pulled his head up towards her face by his hair.


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I’m going to untie you

“I’m going to untie you”, she told him, idly stroking his cock.

“Yes Ma’am”, he replied, breathing heavily, his cock hard and leaking precome from all of the activity so far, his nipples aching, his arse tensing to stop him thrusting up into her hand… he’s dying to come.

“Are you listening”? she demanded.

“Yes Ma’am” he nodded and looked up at her, his eyes clouded with need.

She leaned down to whisper into his ear, “I’m going to untie you and bring your mouth to my cunt – you are going to lick me until I come”.

He felt goosebumps, butterflies in his stomach, his cock jumping, he nodded quickly, “Yes Ma’am”. He wanted to smile, but daren’t, he wanted this so badly, he didn’t want to blow it.

“When I come, if I come”, she added pointedly, “you are immediately going to shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me… do you understand?”

He nodded again, stifling a moan that was rising in his throat at the thought, “Yes Ma’am”.

“Repeat it back to me”

He stammered, afraid of failing already, distracted by her fingers playing with his cock, “Uhhmm… you are going to untie me…and I am going to lick you until you come” he looked at her, a question in his eyes, saying the words making his cock leap. She did not respond, so he continued, “When you come, immediately after you come, you want me to… errm… you want my cock in your… uhhmm… cunt… and… ermmm… you want me to fuck you… Ma’am?”. He waited for her approval, holding his breath, his mind temporarily off his cock, which she was still stroking softly with her fingertips.

She smiled at him, “It sounds even better when you say it”.

He smiled broadly back, his breath escaping in a hiss, relieved, “I have to disagree there Ma’am… when you say it, it’s much hotter.”

She laughed, “One more thing…”

He waited, his heart beating a little faster, wondering if there was some cruel twist.

“You will not come when you fuck me… Do you understand?”

He nodded wildly again, his mouth already salivating in anticipation of tasting her, he would have agreed to anything, “Yes Ma’am”.

She reached over him and undid his bonds. She lay beside him, gripped his hair to guide his head down her body, his tongue already out of his mouth, flicking out to touch any part of her that he could reach on the way down to her pussy. She held his mouth at her cunt and shoved her hips up toward him as she pushed his head down.


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Please, please don’t

I cuff him and tie him spread-eagled to the bed. I take out the piercing gear and lay it out. The 14 gauge needles , clamps, antiseptic, anticipating the pain he would be in soon.

He is nervous, this is the first time I have restrained him for a piercing. I lean down to kiss him, soft, gentle kisses, he returns them hesitantly.

“It will be fine, baby.”

I reassure him, stroke his cheek.

“It will hurt, but it will be fine.”

I kiss him again, a little harder this time, and whisper “hurt” into his mouth over and again as I push against him a little harder. I run my hand down over his chest playing with his nipples, pulling at them, and he lets out a low moan as I pinch first one, hard, then the other.

Something in him ticks over, and he suddenly arches up to me, kissing me aggressively, hard, shoving his lips against mine, his tongue in my mouth, a deep growl in his throat and I move over him, straddling him, his cock under me, his hips lifting and I hold his head up to me as we kiss and the bed rocks with him straining against me and against his bonds.

I finally pull away, we are both breathing heavily. I look at the needles and look at him.

I settle in beside him and wipe down his right nipple. He watches me, his eyes going to my face then to my hands on his skin. I lean over to kiss him and he reaches for me, wanting more.

I clamp his nipple and bring the needle-point to his skin and I push it into his flesh, slowly, excruciatingly slowly, watching his face… nervous, fearful, then contorting with pain, a grunting and holding of breath, and then he melts into the endorphins as the needle comes out the other side. I leave it sticking into his nipple, playing with it mildly, stroking his skin around it, and down past his ribs to his hip and I flutter my fingers over his straining cock, feeling him respond.

I hold up another needle. He looks at me and shakes his head.

“I can’t,” he says, a dreamy quality to his voice despite his matter of fact tone, “I’m endorphined out”.

I look back at him.

He shakes his head again, “No, I can’t, I really can’t.”

He knows I won’t do it, he is unconcerned.

I unwrap the needle. His eyes widen as the realisation dawns. I wipe down his left nipple.

“No, please really, please Ma’am! I can’t do another one, I can’t! Please don’t do this! Really, I can’t!”, he is shaking his head violently now, “Please, please don’t!”

I squeeze his left nipple into the clamp. I bring the needle to it, and watch his face as I press the point into the tender skin. He gasps and I push, slowly, slowly, and his face registers the pain, his mouth open, a sound coming out, like a keening, and as the needle disappears into his flesh, his face tightens, his jaw clenches, his limbs pull against his bonds and then as the needle comes out the other side, his features soften into bliss, his cock is rock hard and flowing precome, and his eyes are on mine and it’s beautiful.

And he whispers to me about his arousal at me hurting him like this, how much he loves it loves it loves itlovesit when I hurt him like this. And my heart feels like it will burst with his trust, and the rush of power and protectiveness I feel goes straight to my cunt, and his whispering and his hard cock and his blissed-out face make me want to devour him.

I undo one of his cuffs, and bring his hand to his cock, and he masturbates for me while I manipulate the needles in his nipples and play with my mouth on his, his gasping when I hurt him making him increase the pace on his cock, his arousal making me rock against the bed.

When he is about to come, he looks askance at me and I nod permission and I watch him stay on the edge for a moment, and when he starts to come, I quickly pull one of the needles out of his nipple with a twist. He registers the shock and pleasure and arches up off of the bed and comes, his muscles straining against the bonds as his body convulses, his eyes locked on mine.

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I am exhausted, can barely keep my eyes open, lying under the sheet, waiting for sleep to take me. I shift a little to the edge of the bed and reach down. My fingers find skin and I travel it lightly, orientating myself to you. I hear you shift as you turn your face up to me, and my fingertips touch your hair, forehead, eyes behind eyelids flickering at my touch, your lashes heavy and dark, even in the dark, over your cheek, and I touch your lips, soft soft soft and I stroke them, so soft, and I push just a little and your mouth opens for me, and I can hear you breathing, and I slide two fingers into your wetness and your lips close around them and you suck gently at them, your tongue a soft lapping.

And oh, god, it immediately makes me wet, your mouth and your tongue and your lips, and I feel my heartbeat quicken and my breathing into the darkness gets heavy and shallow, and I close my eyes, so tired, and let your mouth become distant, like a dream of a mouth, and I feel myself drift away, knowing you are there, tethered by the side of my bed, my fingers in your mouth and I wonder if you will sleep. Will you sleep?

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Kiss goodbye

I’m thinking about kissing you goodbye: a lingering, panting, desperate, hard, full body-contact kiss aching with need and want and hunger and loss, all mouth and lips and tongue and grabbing and melting and it tastes so fucking good I want to hurt you to get more.

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Show me how to hurt you

‘I’ve never done this before, you have to show me…’

‘Yes Ma’am, I’ll show you, here…like this, you can do it like this…’

‘Like this boy?’

‘No, you can do it tighter… there… and then…’

‘Tight enough now? And what if I do it up this way? How’s that?…’

‘That’s good…nice… but you can be much rougher with me…you are holding back…’

‘Yes, yes, I am… until I see the impact… ok… this? How’s this now?…’

‘Yes, that’s good, pretty good, and then you can use this to add pressure there…’

‘Here…like this?… I can tell that you like that…’

‘Well, just you fucking with me, I like that regardless Ma’am… oh! But that… oh!… yes…!’

‘That hit something didn’t it boy?’

‘Oh yes… that’s… nice… maybe you could also do this Ma’am, at the same time there…’

‘There? Hard like that?…’

‘Oh!… Jeessus! Ummm… yes!!! Ohhh!!…’

‘And this?…’

‘Fuck… yes, please Ma’am, yes…like that…’.

‘Oh, and if I then do it like this… how’s that?’

‘Uhmmm… uhhmmm… oh… ohhhhhh… yeah, that really hurts Ma’am…!’

‘I know, but good or bad? You have to tell me…’

‘Oh…oh… good, yes, good… ohhh…ummm… ugh… yes, good…’

‘Harder boy? tell me if you want it harder…’

‘Uummm… no, no harder…NO! I said NOO! FUCK!!!’

*laugh* ‘Too much, boy?’

‘Ugh… uhmmm… yes… oh… no…no, not too much… almost too much… ooohhhhh… god!… good… ughhhh… jesus!’

‘Ok, what if I do this… this soft nice… on top… good?’


‘Talk to me boy… this now… yes?’

‘Yes Ma’am… yes yes yesyesyes… ughhhh… ohhhh…yes…’

‘Had enough? Want me to stop?’

‘No no please…no please, don’t stop… if you want to go harder Ma’am… please… please…’

‘Ok… here? Like this…? God, you are loving that aren’t you?’

‘Yesyesyes… ohhhh… yes… good, just like that…’

‘God, you are so fucking beautiful like this… here, if I do this now? There?… you sure?’

‘Ohh, god, yes, please pleasepleaseplease…’

‘…and harder, you can take it for me can’t you boy?’

‘Yes yes Ma’am, I can, I can… please…’

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