The proposition

“I have a proposition for you…”

He looks at me curiously, tilts his head… “Oookkk?”

I smile, “I’m thinking that I’d like to do some rope bondage with you.”

He looks away from me, bondage is one of his kinks, he is a complete newbie, has no experience. He is suddenly shy, awkward, he smiles nervously, starts to say something.

I interrupt him, “Don’t answer now, I want you to have a think about it.”

He nods.

I try to draw a picture of how I see it going, “I am thinking of something very gentle, not sexual, no nudity…” … Continue Reading

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It is a small group. There is only one unattached Domme there. There is only one single, non-dominant male there, a newbie, maybe not submissive, maybe a fetishist, maybe maybe…

It is inevitable, really, that they would be eyeing each other up…

“Anyone want a drink?” she gets up, looking around the table.

“I’ll come with you…” He pops out of his seat. She smiles at him.

“Me too”, pipes up someone else. She glances at his face, a hint of disappointment.

They talk a little while waiting to order, idle chit chat… work, travel, weather… nothing of consequence.

He … Continue Reading

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