Birthday nude: X

Anyone can get love
Anyone can get laid
You know you’re home when you find the ones who stay
Brave enough not to tame
They let you burst into flames
Stoke the coals and then watch you blow
They’re the ones make you trust in the universe
When you’re lost and you’re left and it’s getting worse
They’re the ones who you know will get you by
We are all strange
And it ain’t never never ever gonna change.”

“Strange” LP

A (very) belated birthday nude, a strange pose, a whim, an oddness, an X.

Exquisite, exemplary, extraordinary.

X marks the spot, does it not?

If it does, then my entire body is the spot.

That sounds about right.

Happy birthday to me.

Ferns nude X

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      1. Aww, I’d say you have nothing to worry about but you are Ferns so you are always going to question yourself!

        I admire a tasteful nude as much as the next guy, but you really outdid yourself this year. It’s just such a fascinating nude study. The lines flowing from arm to opposite extended leg, with the shadows and sharpness of B&W. The composition and whatever editing you did is just beautiful.

        Oh and you look pretty good too ;-).

  1. Exceptional! I can’t stop looking at it – you have me spellbound. Happy Birthday Ferns. I’m so relieved that you’ve finally posted (after 2 months!). I was worried the plague had got the better of you, but here you are, burning another unforgettable image into my soul. xxx

  2. I too remember wearing embarrassing jean shorts while I tried to be an X-Wing while jump into a reservoir.

    You nailed it, Wedge!

  3. As a Star Wars fan, I’m happy to say that’s a beautiful X-Wing I’d be happy to die inside.

    …. would expect some feedback from the ground crew tho. We all need advice about our bad landings…

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