Things that make me laugh

Me on twitter:


In my inbox shortly afterwards:


*laughs* So good!! LOVE!

Thank you, SD :D.

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  1. You did a good job last year, as far as I could tell from your blog (and associated comments).

    This year will be even more successful, becasue … experience. Or something.

    That’s always the source of my optimism, anyway.

    1. A good job at dealing with my family you mean? Or a good job in general (at life, at my blog, at ALL THE THINGS?!!). I’m going to assume you mean both, and thank you profusely :)!!


      P.S. People who comment occasionally are never horrible!

  2. Oh, don’t be such a woos! Just march out there in your most domly style and say
    “I have not yet had my coffee, people, so be afraid, be very afraid!” Their stunned reaction, or laughter, will give you the upper hand and you’ll wonder why you were fussing about it in the first place. One of them might even offer to make you a coffee!

    1. *laugh* No! You don’t understand introverts!

      My family already know not to talk to me before coffee: they are lovely and understanding and know me well.

      But they are still *in my house* and I’m not an arsehole, so ‘making nice’ is still a requirement even if it just involves avoiding snarling at them for taking up my space and breathing my air.


      1. This! This is what I cannot seem to explain to my extrovert friends. I have had friends say things like, “Your guest is only going to be there for a couple hours while you’re awake.” or “They will be leaving as soon as they wake up.” I can’t seem to get through to them that it’s not about being expected to interact, it’s about them being in my space and the filters I have to put on my own behavior because there’s *someone else in my space*.

        1. YES!!

          And then I feel like an arsehole because no matter how understanding and lovely they are, it makes not a whit of difference to how I feel about them being there. So I like to add a huge dose of guilt on top for good measure.

          It’s completely and utterly exhausting.

          This morning I am on my own again after 5 days of having them in my house (and 4 days away together before that). I am literally smiling to myself as I have coffee, all on my own, with the knowledge that I have a day of not having to deal with anyone ahead of me. I’m sure I look like a crazy person :)).


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