Kissing date: strobe light impressions

The slightly awkward hello of strangers. A few words to reiterate the rules. A blindfold slipped over his head. I held his hand in my lap while I took off my shoes. I kissed his fingers, his palms, gently stroking his bare skin, easing into this intimate contact.


He offered to be bound, told me there was ‘stuff’ in the drawer. There was: collar, cuffs, and a clip. No rope. I bound one of … Continue Reading

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Me and my vanilla ex

My last vanilla ex was my longest term relationship. I talk about him quite a bit on twitter.

He is a wonderful man: attractive, smart, attentive, sweet. He is my closest friend.

Relationship-wise, he puts most self identified submissive men to shame with his behaviour. We had known each other via a common circle of friends for some time before we dated. On our second date, he brought me a gift of towels because I … Continue Reading

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Kissing date: Sooo… how was it?

Oddly, I haven’t felt like writing about it. I feel a little like I’m hugging it to myself, quietly turning it over and petting it.

Let me say this, though: Three hours of kissing with a completely lovely vanilla man who called me ‘Ma’am’, who invited me to tie him up, who let me hurt him and asked for more, who was responsive and crazy-hot under the onslaught, who was beautiful prey for me. … Continue Reading

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