On punishment

A reader question:

“In a recent thread on FetLife you mentioned that you use punishment as part of your dynamic, while both recognizing and agreeing with the reasons some do not.

How does punishment work in your relationships? Removal of privileges? Some kind of physical punishment? Something else entirely?”

I did mention that, yes. For the record, my comment is here (requires Fetlife login), and the pertinent paragraph was:

Those who don’t like punishment dynamics

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Shit Ferns says #11

Random stuff, no context…

…”all the best with all the oral sex you are going to be having…” and now I feel super creepy and weird…

Yes, I AM too stupid to use sex toys, it’s TRUE!

…people talking to my ass is just uncomfortable for everyone concerned…

Well, okay, fine. I suction-cupped a dildo to the fridge. Doesn’t everyone do that?

“If only you’d done your kegel exercises, flabby-vagina bitches!”


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Reader Q&A: So what are you like?

So what are you like when you are not writing this wonderful blog ? Are you happy and chirpy ? Are you quiet and stern ? Do you have a coy smile ? Are you naughty ? Do you pull pranks on your friends ? *writes a hundred more such questions*

*laugh* Cute questions, but of course, the ‘what are you like’ one is unanswerable in any definitive way.

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