Romancing the Domme

To me, romance is doing something sweet to show someone that you are thinking of them, something to make them happy, to make them feel special. It’s the little gestures that demonstrate that feeling.

Following on from a really lively Twitter conversation a while back, Mistress Lilyana has written a really interesting post on ‘Romantic shit‘. Go and read it.

In summary, she said that her submissives have, for the most part, not … Continue Reading

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Dreamy-eyed boys

“So, yeah. I’m still kinda all dreamy-eyed for you.”

I so love the impractical boys, the creative swimmy ones who say things like this, the ones who float.

I am not like that. Not really at all.

And maybe that’s why I love them so. Their ethereal existence has open spaces in it, and I can slip in, like smoke on a breeze, and find my place in there, in their blood and cells, insinuating … Continue Reading

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Reader Q&A: Domination on his timetable

Hello wonderful Ferns,

I have started seeing a beautiful boi, who is alpha plus in his day job. This also means he is extremely busy. Sometimes this makes it hard to dominate him as we kind of work to his clock. I am okish with this as I admire his work, actually it really turns me on.. blah blah ANYWAY… Have you been in a similar position and how did you manage it? Or, alternatively … Continue Reading

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