Supporting your dominant’s dominance

Sometimes submissives ask how they can help their dominant (especially their *new* dominant) become more comfortable in her dominance.

Come here, and I will let you in on a secret…



Here it is:


Seriously. Do that.

I know it sounds as if I am being cute or something, but I’m not.

Do you want to know what I probably needed most from my submissive when I was finding my feet?

  • A safe
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Good conversation/bad conversation

Good conversation:

  • A topic/discussion point
  • Some back and forth…
  • The above sparks another topic
  • Oh and by the way, this other thing
  • Hahahhahaha (because obviously, I am fucking funny!)
  • Wry observation about something random
  • Some flirting, blushing, sweetness
  • Back to the topic with another thought
  • No way! I actually think something else!
  • Heated discussion
  • Segue into a new topic
  • and etc.

Bad conversation:

  • Question
  • Answer
  • Another question
  • Another answer
  • and etc.
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Blogger & deleting sex blogs (PSA)

If you are on Blogger, you already know that Google (who owns Blogger) is deleting blogs with adult affiliate links or ads – they sent out an email to users about it.

In the last few days, friends on Twitter have been reporting that is also deleting sex blogs. Not for affiliate links or ads, but for violating their Terms of Service which prohibits ‘pornographic content’ (as it has since 2009). There is no … Continue Reading

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Reader Q&A

I have been really slack with sharing the Q&A here.

In case you’ve forgotten, over on the Ask me page, you can ask me questions (see how intuitive that is?!). You can also see what I’ve been saying to anonymous peeps and be totally impressed, or maybe outraged. WHO KNOWS?!

There are quite a few over there now. Here’s some of them.

Hey Ferns,
Just wanted to let you know that my crush on
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Wild wedges

You know which shoes I like best? GIFT shoes! These colourful wedges are a gorgeous early birthday present from a dear friend.

Loud and bright and fabulous, I will wear them either with a plain flowing dress or with jeans and a single colour little top. Because it’s all about the shoes!



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How many?

I asked on Twitter: “How many emails do you think I got from my personal advert post?”

Hmmm, said my twitter peeps:

50 million?

I’d ask you to take a guess, but since this isn’t real time, I’ll be waiting a while, so I’ll just tell you:


That’s right.


Are you surprised?

I am.

But then again, I’m not.

There are probably a bunch of reasons for the crickets, and … Continue Reading

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