Good news!

I wanted to post a quick update on my father’s cancer, for those who have asked after him.

I’m delighted to be able to say that the operation he had on the 2nd was a success, with the tests showing that all of the cancerous tissue was removed. This is, of course, a huge, gigantic, teary relief for all of us. I am beyond thankful, not least because the time between diagnosis and a good outcome was blessedly short, so it wasn’t months of stress for all of us.

There is still some discussion to be had with the specialist to see if he needs radiation therapy of some kind. I am really hoping that won’t be necessary.

To those who have sent me messages of support, and then ‘yay!’ messages privately and on twitter when I shared the news, thank you so much! I really have no idea if positive thoughts sent into the ether make any real difference to anything, but they *absolutely* helped me.

Relief. Champagne. Life can get back to normal now.

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    1. I’m sorry you recently went through that with someone. And I’m beyond glad that I have a happy story to share.

      Thank you for the ‘yay!’


  1. I’m thrilled that the operation went well, and especially that you didn’t have to wait agonizing weeks to find out the results. I went through that with both of my parents, and even though there was a positive outcome both times, it’s that terrible wait, without knowing, that makes it so tough. So, YAY once again, and thanks for sharing the good news.

    OK, champagne time!

    1. I’m so glad you had a positive outcome with your parents, and yes, I realise we were very lucky with the super-quick turnaround. I can’t imagine waiting for weeks to find out the results!

      I did have champagne!! Yay!!


  2. So Ferns I am extremely pleased with your dad’s progress. I must tell you now that positive thoughts sent into the ether certainly do make a real difference. Just to be on the safe side now your dad is to have his scullery maid rub him down with a copy of Sporting Life. He will soon be right as rain. I have brought more Champagne.

    Doctor Satan

    1. Thank you Doctor Satan for confirming that positive thoughts DO make a difference. Since you are a real and proper doctor, I do believe you are telling the truth.

      I can always use more champagne.


    1. Yes it is true that kicking God hard in the shins – like what you done Coug – works in cases like this.

      Thank you Coug,

      Doctor Satan

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